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R84230 Impact Driver - stuck bit

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  • R84230 Impact Driver - stuck bit

    Let me start off by saying that this may not have been the smartest thing I have ever done.

    I put a short driver bit in my Impact Driver; sunk about 10 screws and now the bit is stuck. I can wiggle it in and out about 1/16", so it sticks out of the chamber about 1/8" I've broken a needle nose pliers, and tried a clamping needle nose to try and pull it out, but it seems determined to stay in there. My next attempt is to heat it with a hair dryer and hope it expands a lttle.

    I can't seem to get the locking mechanism apart (manual doesn't help), so if anyone has any ideas on that or other solutions, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks much,


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    Probably stupid question on my part... but are you sure you're pushing the collar forward to release the bit? (Quite a few tools of this type require the collar to be pulled back to release the bit, but the Ridgid collar pushes forward.)

    I'm not sure I would trying heating anything, as you may cause further problems. Give Ridgid Technical Support a call or contact your nearest service center and see what they have to offer. It may come down to having them remove the chuck or complete nose assembly in order to free the bit.




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      Thanks for the post - and by virtue of my self inflicted problem, there are no stupid questions.

      When I pull the locking mechanism forward nothing happens - it does not release the bit, and I cannot discwern that anything happens in the shank - the locking mechanism itself may be jammed.

      Thanks again,



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        McFeelys has driver bits that are made expecially for impact drivers, When I first got my impact driver I noticed that the end of the shank would start to flare out a little after being used for awhile. I never got one of the cheapo bits stuck in my driver but came close on an occasion or two.
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          impact driver bits

          I agree with badgerDave as the McFeely's impact driver bits are excellent and affordable.
          He carries an excellent selection of bits from square drive [aka Robertson] to pozidrive, and offer them in various lengths

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            You need to put a screw in a vice and put the gun in reverse and let it hammer a few times then the bit will fall out. It is likely tweeked inside the chuck, by hammering in reverse it will free the bit. Some bits just seem to do this, the vermont american bits have worked fine for me, the dewalts stick.


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              Oooo I like that idea. I'll try it and let you know.


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                the mechanism is a collar that pushes a ball bearing that holds the bit so spray some w-d 40 let it sit for a sec, push the collar and like wayne said put it in reverse that should put the ball bearing back into its hole


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                  Well I tried the vice and and while I still can wiggle it in and out 1/16" it still will go no further. I'll add WD40 into ther mix and see if I can get at the ball bearing.

                  Thanks again.


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                    i've had this happen with the short insert bits. what a pain it was to get them free. lesson learned was to use an extended bit. also i have some nut driver bits without the locking groove. these fall out easy, but never get stuck as a result.

                    if the locking colar doesn't move foward, you'll never get the bit out. the locking detent ball will not release.

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                      Thanks for responding PLUMBER RICK,

                      The collar moves, but I don't think it moves as much as it used to before it got stuck. The bit actually moves in and out about 1 mm. It can move whether the collar is pulled forward or not. I tried the WD-40 treatment. (I actually used Liwuid Wrench). It does seem to move that 1mm easier!

                      I'm about ready to call the service center. Thanks guys.