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  • Deal Alert!!!

    Maybe there's a thread or topic dealing with this. If so, Josh, feel free to kill this thread off. I just wanted to see a thread for all those acquiring Ridgid tools who are looking for a good deal.

    Today, with the help of Cellardoor, I purchased the big saw with a Harbor Freight 15% any item coupon. I am combining that with a 10% rebate card that Cellardoor posted for a remarkable savings. I like saving and have been rather good at it inside of HD. They make it easy. Let's help each other out and put up the best deals we find. Its especially nice on the large purchases.

    Shop on!
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    So Home Depot accepted the Harbor Freight coupon as a competitor coupon?

    Where is the posting of the 10% rebate card from cellardoor? Can someone re-post the link?


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      Here it is:


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        3650 15% off Thanks to Harbor Freight

        FlBuilder, Yep, they took the coupon without any grief. Now I'm gonna get an additional 10% with the rebate. Not bad.

        BTW, I'd like to meet the person who put the one page of instructions together for the herculift system!
        Kilroy was here!


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          Do you have to buy a certain dollar amount to get the 10% rebate back from Ridgid?