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R3210 Blade Wobble

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  • R3210 Blade Wobble

    Within the past year I have purchased 2 worm drive circular saws from Ridgid.

    I returned the first saw within 90 days because of a wobble in the blade. I replaced the blade thinking it was just a warped blade but it did not fix it. While this saw was sent back for repair, I purchased another one so that I would have a saw for work. Well I got the first one back from the shop, supposedly having been fixed. All that happened was that I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 to have a new cord put on because it was nicked. The blade still wobbles, on both the "fixed" saw and the replacement saw. Am I the only one that has had this problem? Lift the guard up and watch the blade while you start the saw and as it slows to a stop. A buddy at work has a Makita worm drive and his blade doesnt have any side wobble to it at all. Any cures? Can I take the diamond arbor out and swap it with the circular arbor from the R3200? Am I bending every blade by twisting out the diamond?