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4 Piece Ridgid Combo Special Buy

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  • 4 Piece Ridgid Combo Special Buy

    This morning's Home Depot ad had a 4 piece Ridgid combo special buy
    for $299, regular $399. It was an 18V set and included a hammer drill,
    reciprocating saw, circular saw and light.

    At this time, I am not in a crunch for a combo set, but this seems like
    a good price and with the lifetime warranty, I can leave the combo set
    on the self and not worry about the cost of batteries overtime.

    What is the forum members opinion of the Rigid combos? What do you think
    of this price? If I am not going to be using this set right now, would it be
    better to wait until I do have a use for the combo?

    Thanks, Hokie

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    Here in Canada four months ago I bought the 9212 four piece combo (flashlight, hammer drill, circ saw and impact driver).

    Normally it is 599 or 499 and I got it for 299 Cdn. (still cannot believe the deal I got)

    I have been very happy with it. The hammer drill is heavy duty and it alone sells up here for 249-349$.
    The chuck had a bit of a wobble in it so I exchanged it a month after I bought it with no questions asked.

    A great part of the kit has been the circ saw.
    I never would have bought one seperately but since it came with the kit it is my new best friend.
    It is sooooo handy rather than dragging out your corded circ saw to cut a two by four, etc.

    Also, I dont know if it is an option for you to get the 9212 kit instead but the right angle impact driver is extremely handy for getting in tight spaces and has 700 inch pounds of tourque.

    BTW, I have the HC batteries which I believe are 1.9 mAH.
    Someone on this board mentioned though that the new kits come with the 2.4 mAH batteries. (hopefully you get those ones)

    Bottom line is that I am very very happy with the kit. It feels very heavy duty and the best part is the battery charger that charges two batteries at the same time and in 20 minutes (has a fan built in to cool the batteries).

    Plus with LSA on the batteries you cannot go wrong.

    Here is a review if you are stiil unsure.

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      Thanks Tall_Canuck for your reply.

      The special buy includes the reciprocating saw and not the impact driver.
      I think I will get good use from the reciprocating saw.

      I will be looking at the combo this weekend.

      Have a good one...