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    I am searching for a new router. I have looked at the Dewalt, Bosch, Hitachi,
    Porter Cable and see little that makes me want to buy one.

    I am looking at the Rigid R2930, but see it has magnesium bases and motor housing. The Bosch unit I looked at has a magnesium motor housing and the display model was showing corrosion because of the people handling the unit.

    You have to handle the housing to move the motor from one base to the other so, is there a way to prevent the corrision? Or, is the magnesium coated to prevent this?

    I may be too picky, but I have a cheap B&D small router that is still working after 30 years, I just need the ability to use 1/2 inch bits.

    I see too much wrong with "name brands" that have reports of units with failing power switches, magnetic rings falling apart and destroying the motor
    and collets that stick.

    Hitachi is nice, but leave the space effects for video games, not power tools.

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    That seems to be the way alot of the tool makers are going.milwaukee has changed to magnesium housings on there sawzalls and there drills.i have not seen any corrsion as of in the milwaukee cataloge in the description of the router they are saying the housing is polished aluminum.
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