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  • Off the wall question

    Something just occurred to me that I found strange. I'm filling out the Ridgid 10% mail in rebate form, and the instructions only require a copy of the reciept and the rebate form. Usually mail in rebates also require the UPC from the box. Since they don't, what's to stop some unscrupulous (sp?) soul from buying an expensive Ridgid tool, mailing in the rebate form, then returning the tool? Seems like an awfully big loophole for Ridgid to have overlooked.

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    Just a guess here, but aren't the factory new Rigid tools sold exclusively be Home Depot? If so, they can probably tell from your receipt if they were returned. Again this is just a guess as to how the system works.


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      Also on the form it says frautulant submissions can be prossecuted under a mail fraud law. That and the combonation of if Ridgid feels something fishy can check to see if it was returned under that reciept would deter most people form trying to save a few bucks. I'm sure some fraudulant submissions happen but taking a chance to be commited of mail fraud to save a small amount of money would be enough for me to take a pass on it.