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just bought a R2610 sander....

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  • just bought a R2610 sander....

    I really like the floor model, and noticed it said "Made in Germany"

    then i checked out the jig saw and it said the same thing.

    upon opening it home, i noticed it revealed made in china......bummer.

    how long ago did they change? and do you think there are any new german versions on the shelves?

    i assume metabo manufactured them. boy oh boy, the floor models were sweet.

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    wow, i didn't know they changed manufacturers. mine is an old one and it is great. There is no reason to think the new one will be worse though. Could be the same parts assembled in a different place. let us know how it performs


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      There was some mention a couple of months ago that Ridgid was planning on moving the German made tools to its more modern China manufacturing facilities.

      The tools should be identical design and materials, built to exactly the same specifications. So, how is the unit you purchased any less "sweet" than the what you saw on the display shelf?

      I know we Americans have this strange mindset that made in Germany is somehow better than anywhere else, but I just don't see that.



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        my apprehension is strictly political.

        i used the sander this morning and it is beautiful....worked like a champ on the stairs.

        i considered a bosch and a metabo, but i was ultimately swayed by the 10% coupon and 10% ridgid rebate (not to mention the LSA).

        i'm probably going to pick up the portable table saw and the jig saw (corded version) tomorrow, before the rebate and coupon expire. does anybody have any thoughts on either of the 2?


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          Jig saw works great, lots of power and good balance. Feels good in my hand and minimal vibration


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            Portable TS

            The portable ts (2400) is a great saw. If you can't find the space for the bigger saw or need to move the saw around a lot, this is the saw to have. With a good blade and an aftermarket miter guage (Incra) it will produce work competitive with most contractor saws. I've been using mine for over a year and love it. It holds its setting and the fence is everything I could ask for.


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              Dubs, do you have the R3120? My local HD has the R3120 and the newer version, the R3121 i believe (maybe other way around). The only feature that differentiates the 2 is, the 3120 has a blower, which after using my bros POS B&D jigsaw, i think i would appreciate that immensely. It's also identical to a Metabo.

              Dick, can you recommend a blade?

              Thanks fellows


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                I have the older 3120 Metabo clone. If they eliminated the blower on the new model that would be a shame


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                  Table Saw Blades

                  If you search this forum you'll find a number of discussions about blades. There is a wide range of opinions as to which is the best blade. For my part I've picked up 2 after market blades. The first one I bought was a Dewalt 60 tooth finish blade, thin kerf, contractor series, available at HD. It does a good job on both cross-cut and ripping. I use in both the TS and MS. I think the price was around $30. After using it for a while and reading all the discussions about blades I also picked up 2 Freud blades, both are full kerf. The rip blade is their glue line rip model, with anti stick coating. The as cut surface off this blade looks as though it was planned with a very good quality hand plane. This blade also works well at cross cutting. The other Freud blade is for cross cutting and I use it on my MS. These Freud blades were in the $60 range (I think) from Amazon.

                  You'll also want to get or make zero clearance inserts for these blades. Check the forum for where to buy them and/or how to make them. They are reasonably easy to make if you have a router table.

                  Enjoy you new toys.


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                    thanks guys!!! appreciate your insight