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RIDGID 9212 combo kit

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  • RIDGID 9212 combo kit

    I just purchased the above kit using the 10% rebate coupon Cellardoor posted (thanks), along with a 10% Customer Appreciation coupon I picked up at my local HD. The 9212 appears to be the 921 combo with a 12 volt right angle driver and 18 volt Max HC batteries. Anyone have any experience with these 18volt Ridgid tools? Are they NiCad batteries and are they in any way different from Ridgid's regular 18 volt bateries? And, assuming they are NiCad, anyone have any thoughts on the best way to maximize the useful life of the batteries on an ongoing basis?
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    I bought the same kit a few months ago at HD on impulse as I got them for a SMOKIN' deal (299$ Canadian).

    Since then I have read very good reviews of the kit.

    The batteries are NI-CD (if you look on the bottom there is a NiCD sticker).

    Mine are the Max HC batteries which I believe are 1.9 MaH although apparently the new kits are 2.4 MaH.

    As far as maximizing their use, just treat them as normal NiCds (run them down before recharging) and they should last well. As you know though the first charge or two will not be full charges.

    Finally and most important, make sure you register for the LSA as that will give you lifetime replacement parts, INCLUDING batteries.