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    I am trying to repair an LS1020 Makita mitre saw which I lent to a fellow tradesman. I need to dress the commutator before installing new brushes. I have tried everything to remove the armature assy. short of brute force. Parts diagrams from Makita show the assy. to be straight forward. I would rather do the job myself to ensure care and attention to detail.
    This tool is in constant daily use and has served us well. When I got it back some teeth were stripped off the blade, the commutator was burnt. The hex bolt securing the blade was turned the wrong way (in attempting to remove the blade the gentleman in question tightened it even more) Needless to say my frustration levels at on the increase. Your advice and imput would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi again
    Sorted. The bearing was burned into its housing, therefore difficult to remove. Never seen anything like this before in all the years working tools. The bearing was fine yet the wires from the armature to some of the commutator quadrants were damaged and burned away.A few new parts and all will be well. One lives, one learns.


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      welcome, hope you come back to share more experiences. Glad you got it sorted and if it were me id be havin a chat with the lad that borrowed year saw