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R912 4 piece cordless kit on clearance for $209.40 at Home Depot

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  • R912 4 piece cordless kit on clearance for $209.40 at Home Depot

    First post, been lurking for a few months. Been researching 18V combo kits, looking for deals, promotions, etc.

    Well today I went to our local HD and in the hardware department there is a big sign listing all of the combo kits, their components, and their prices. The old R9212 4 piece X2 set was $349, with a $269.20 green sticker placed on top. So I asked the HD rep to check stock status on it, and he said they had 0 in stock, but the HD 10 mins east had 2, and the HD 10 mins north had 1. He also was kind enough to point out that the kit was now $209.40 !!!

    I know it's an old kit, but it is eligible for the lifetime service, so here are the details.
    Hammer Drill: High speed gearbox with hammer function-for masonry & concrete work. High torque 2-spd transmission-for matching power to the task. Max HC High Capacity Battery-for maximum run time. Impact Driver: Die cast gear box-for durability and repeatability. High Torque Output-for the most difficult driving tasks. Circular Saw: 6 1/2 In. Carbide Tipped Blade-for increased cutting capacity. Aluminum Guards & Shoe-for high strength & low weight, Double Reduction Gearing-for increased torque. Spindle Lock-for easier blade changes. Light: 90° Pivoting Head-allows aiming light where needed. Focus Ring-direct light beam from spot to flood.

    • 1/2 In. hammer drill, right-angle impact driver, circular saw and flashlight
    • RAPID MAX twin charger simultaneously charges 2 high-capacity batteries in 30 minutes
    • Includes: (2) 18 V batteries, (1) 12 V battery, charger and contractor bag
    • Lifetime Service Agreement
    Store In-Stock SKU # 369893

    I drove to the HD 10 mins east and asked to confirm the price of $209.40 and that they had 2 in stock, all confirmed well. The 2 units were on the very top shelf 2 aisles from the hardware department, so if your location shows any in stock, have them search hard. I purchased both units for ~$419 which was a great deal in my opinion. I was able to make the deal even sweeter by using a 20% off HD coupon I had left over. So I ended up paying ~$338 + 6.5% tax for both kits. These will make great gifts along with the lifetime warranty! (I'm going to buy one of the new 18v 2.5 kits soon)

    See the R9212 kit at here for $349

    Hope those that are interested find stock in your local stores!
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    That's a great deal, nice find. Now, how do I go about getting on your gift list?
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Thanks! About getting on my gift list, you can start by changing your name to IlliniDave for starters Just kidding, I'm an Illini/Big 10 fan and often visit my in-law's condo in the Dells and HoChunk Casino, which is Badger country.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


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        Great deal Eddie!!!
        I got the same kit four months ago at HD in Canada for 299$ Cdn.

        You beat my deal though by 50$ when you do the conversion.

        I have been very pleased with the kit, just make sure you register for LSA!!



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          FastEddie...Did the combo kit you referenced actually contain the 12 volt angle driver? In NY, I found a 9212, which is the 3 piece kit with the 12 volt angle driver for $220. But in another NY HD, there were several 921 kits labeled $209, but they excluded the 12 volt angle driver.
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            Sorry for the delayed response. These were the 9212 kits (4 pieces + 3 batteries + bag + dual charger), and yes, it included the 12v angle impact. So (2) 18v and (1) 12v batteries in all.

            Kind regards,


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              Not meaning to bring back a dead thread, but in addition to the 209.00 9212 kit, the R922 (actually R9222 on the box) 5 piece kit is on clearance for 269.40 (if you can find one).

              DONT believe the store stock actually have to look yourself in the OVERHEAD storage. Naturally HD makes sure they have the newer version of the same kit at FULL price out on the floor, with the clearance version way overhead so they cant sell it to you.

              Store SKU on the 5 pc is 369-977. 18V hammer drill, recip saw, circ saw, impact driver, worklight, 3 18V batteries, charger and bag (and a partridge in a pear tree!).

              I loved stickin it to HD with this one...."sorry sir the computer shows none in stock" "really? i see one right there ---->". And they actually got it for me.



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                Yeah the MaxSelect stuff is interesting, but I was thining a DIY/homeowner like myself wouldnt really need lith ion (still too expensive, especially considering the clearance sets that still exist).

                Oddly enough, the newer models of the clearance sets are already out, and they arent lithion. In fact I couldnt really see any difference with the new sets aside from the model #. (I did read the newer versions have 2.5AH batteries, but when I registered my set online it said it came with the 2.5AH batteries).