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  • Charger question?

    Here is a question I pose you all you "experts" out there.

    Last Monday we had an issue with our battery chargers on the job. On Firday all chargers worked fine. We rolled our tools up for the weekend and stored them in our tool trailer. All the chargers were left unplugged also. When we went to use the chargers on Monday none worked. There were two of the double Ridgid chargers and one of the new Makita Lithium-Ion chargers. All the other tools in the trailer work fine. Our trailer is wired and hooked up to power, but like I said the chargers were not pluged in for the weekend. Also the microwave, which was pluged into the trailer for the weekend is fine.

    What could have caused three chargers to stop working, but not effect any of the other tools?

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    Were they plugged into a power strip that had the breaker trip?
    Do they all not work in proven live plugs? or is it just in one plug?


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      I would also check your voltage and Hz. Some chargers are very touchy about power fluctuations. We had the double Ridgid go down while using a discount generator. Only to find out it was putting out 100 volt on 50 Hz. (don't ask me where he got the generator)
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        They were last pluged into our trailer which is hardwired for electricity with a circut panel. The breaker never tripped. And yes we made sure that we made sure there was juice to the outlet before we made the conclusion that the chargers had gone bad. I haven't checked the voltage in the outlets, but we have used the set-up for over a year with no problems, and like I said none were even pluged in over the weekend they went bad.

        Honestly I'm quite puzzled. All the batteries are fine. There were some thunderstorms in the area. I'm leaning toward the theroy of a lightning strike close by and somehow shorting out the processors in the chargers.....Or something like that. But any other theroies would be nice to hear also, government cover-ups, aliens..........


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          I like the alien government cover-up theory myself.
          the only other thing I can think of is opening the chargers and see if there are any blown fuses inside. I don't know if there are any, Never took one apart yet. If that's not it I'm sticking with the first sentence.


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            Definitely check if there are blown fuses. Go the the websites for the products first and see if fuses are listed for the chargers. Then check the fuses. There may be security fasteners used to keep you out, but you've probably got a set of security bits to get around that. Anyway, with all of them going belly up at the same time, I'm betting fuses. You can get replacements (fuses) from the manufacturers.
            Hope this helps.
            Jim Don
            PS Thunderstorms may have caused a lightning strike to the circuitry which was enough to blow the fuses in the chargers (remember those are tiny and very senstive fuses because they are securing microprocessors inside the charger), but not nearly enough of a blip to cause the breaker in your trailer panel to trip. Have had this happen with a VCR during a thunderstorm.


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              It is hard to buy the lightning strike theory when the chargers were not plugged in. Try to think back, did anything unusual happen the day berfore you unplugged them? If there were no batteries in them and there was a happening, the chargers might have been affected, but not the batteries.



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                Good G--
                I'm losing my mind. I didn't read the posts close enough and thought the chargers were plugged in . They weren't. So disregard my fuse theory. Sorry bout that. Back to the drawing board. Maybe, just maybe it WAS
                Jim Don


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                  Lightning is funny in the manner that it effects certain electronics, but I doubt that would have caused the chargers a problem in this particular case. First, they weren't plugged in and second, the trailer, if metal clad (aluminum, sheet steel ) should have afforded ample protection for any local static discharge.

                  The question however, is how hot does that trailer get when closed up and is there a lot of humidity. Taking into consideration that thunder storms are usually a result of hot and humid conditions (at least here in the northeast), could either of these be a contributing factor? I would think not, but short of some corrosive action taking place in the trailer, it's hard to imagine what could damage all three chargers during the time they were locked up.

                  Obviously at this point, you need to get these to a service center. I'm sure that most of us would like to know what component failures they find and any plausible reasons the service tech might offer.



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                    The fact that is most curious to me is that chargers from two different manufacturers experienced simultaneous problems. I've no idea if this is even physically possible but if it is, could putting a Ridgid battery into the Makita charger and vice versa cause the chargers to self destruct?
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                      I'm in Utah so humidity isn't a problem, but it could have been heat related I guess. I'm not sure how hot it gets in the trailer when closed up but the weather outside usually hits the mid to upper 80's so in the trailer it could get well over 100. I haven't thought of that.

                      We didn't flip/flod battery/charger combinations. I doubt I could force a Ridgid battery into a Makita charger, or vice versa.

                      Also the Dewalt charger made survived with no problems.

                      I took the Makita charger to a service center and they just gave me a new on off the shelf, so I don't know what actually broke inside.