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  • TS2400 cut quality

    I just purchased a TS2400 table saw from Home Depot. Although I am more than pleased with many features of the saw, I am somewhat disappointed with the quality of the cuts, which leave conspicuous blade grooves even in the most controlled cutting situations. There is noticeable end play in the motor shaft, which I suspect is the cause. Is this a known problem with TS2400 saws? Is there a way to adjust the end play out of the motor? Is there a more likely cause for the poor cuts?

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    I don't own a 2400 but all reviews I have read say they are great saws. I would be inclined to think that a better aftermarket blade would improve the cut


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      TS2400 Good Cut Quality

      I've had my TS2400 for about a year and a half, plus. The cut quality was only so-so until I put on an after market blade, then a big improvement. The OEM blade did leave small blade mark grooves on the cut surface. With my Freud Glue Line Rip blade on I get cuts that look as though they have been hand planned by an expert. Even my Dewalt Construction Series Fine Finish blade gives really good cut quality.

      I haven't had a chance to look at the end play of the motor shaft. I've never had any reason to question it. Something I think I'm remembering correctly from some long ago work with motor design engineers is that an electric motor's end play is effected (controlled) to an important extent by the magnetic fields and magentic reactions when it is running. So, the end play at rest may not be fully indicative of the running end play.

      The 3 mod's to this saw that I think are important are: 1 - a good after market blade, 2 - a zero clearance insert, and 3 - an after market miter guage (I've got the Incra 1000). Check the forum for recent threads on saw blades and zci's – a lot of good info in the forum on this topics.


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        I'd try a decent aftermarket can make a huge difference. My favorite blade is a Forrest WWII, but at $82 it's kind of expensive. I also love my Freud LU86 40T and LU88 60T at $35 and $45 delivered from Amazon, and find both to be excellent values. Both are from their upper Industrial series. The LU88 cuts even a bit cleaner than my Forrest, but doesn't rip quite as aggressively, but is really pretty surprising for a 60T blade.
 is running a special on a very good Tenryu 40T RS25540 Rapid Cut blade. It's fairly comparable to my LU86, but is on sale for $25 bang for the buck I know of right now. Nicely made blade that cuts cleanly in many materials.
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          It's possible you've got a bad arbor, but I haven't read about others having that issue. A good blade would be the first thing I'd pursue. Even if it turns out to be another cause, you'll still want to replace the stock blade for precision work.


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            Thanks, all, for the good advice. Seems that an aftermarket blade is the thing.