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  • 18V Hammer/drill

    I have the 18V Hammer/drill, recip saw, circ. saw, jigsaw combo package. Except for the jigsaw all have proven to be powerfull and handy.

    The hammer/drill chuck is giving me problems and the warranty department requires the presentation of a copy of the origional receipt and the UPC off the origional box. THESE ARE UNREASONABLE REQUIREMENTS! How many of you out there can produce copies of these origionals? This is just a scam so that they don't have to honor the warranty. Home Depot won't help so I guess I'm stuck.

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    I had the same problem with Dewalt a couple years ago. So since then I make sure I have the originals they need.


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      Why didn't you register your tools when you bought them? If you would have done that and also signed up for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement you wouldn't be having this problem now.

      Sorry, but the one being unreasonable here is you and not Ridgid or HD. Unless your HD is unlike anyone I've ever been in, there are posters all over the tool area advertising the LLSA.
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        I guess I don't understand how you feel that a request for a receipt is unreasonable. Where in this world would you ever get service on anything without purchasing proof to verify the date of purchase. I can't think of anything that I have ever purchased that doesn't require a receipt. The UPC is also a requirement for a lot of product registrations and certainly Ridgid is not alone it this. (Surely you realize that the warranty does not apply to second hand purchases; you MUST be the original owner, hence the need for the receipt.)

        So, at this point, you've thrown both the UPC (original box) and the receipt away! Do you have any idea when you purchased the tool in question? If you can pin down the exact date (cancelled check or credit card receipt) of purchase and the store ID, you can get a copy of your original receipt. The store should be able to help you out with this, or you can call the Home Depot main office in Atlanta. However, the EXACT date and store ID number is critical. If you can't pin it down, you are out of luck.



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          I had reservations about Ridgid Tools in the past, mainly b/c of HD, but I have to disagree with your criticism.

          Ridgid is the only company that stands behind their tools for life. The said promise includes remedying any problems with their products. For C**** sakes, they even warrantied my MSUV because I REGISTERED IT VIA THE LSA