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    Does anybody know if Home Depot is going to do a promotion of this tool? It has been out for several months now but it never shows up in the weekly advertisement. Do any of you orange aprons know if they are going to put this thing on sale or not?

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    I'm NOT an orange apron, but my opinion is that, at this point any promotion would be long overdue and I'd be very surprised it it happens.

    I don't know what the arrangements are between Home Depot and Techtronics International, other than their exclusivity; but, from a customer point of view their marketing should be an embarassing failure.

    In my local store, the Ridgid Router just appeared one day, on one of the higher display. If you're short, you'll never see it. Even so, it's in a tangle of security cables amidst other brand offerings. No highlighted features, difficult to personally examine, and the "aprons" have no information or oponions.

    Similarly, this web site doesn't really do anything to introduce or promote the tool either. It appears that their stuck on a rather bland approach to posting a single tool picture and a sparten list of it's features. Not much of a "roll-out" in my opinion.

    So, about the only break you will probably see will be in a year or two when Home Depot puts the router on clearance because it mysteriously didn't meet its sales expectations! (Hey, a good way to pick up bargains, like the current 18-volt Hand Planer (less than half price), the Carpenter's Combo (a steal back in January), and the 14.4 Drill/Impact Driver Combo (unbelievably priced last fall). These were never promoted and within a year or so were "clearanced" at half price or less!

    Way to go!



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      the HD by my home has the router in, but hasn't put a display together for it yet. I noticed that they have had it in the box below the other routers. i don't remember when they came out with the product, but it has been in the for atlest 6 months. there is no way i would purchase a router if i couldn't check it our more closely. i think this is some of the worst marketing of a product. any other company would have had a huge coming out party and would have promoted the product. i would have never considered the 3650 had they just had them in the box and not set up in the store.


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        Bought it and returned it.

        Hi everyone, Just thought I would share my experience on the Ridgid router. I was strugling between the Porter Cable and the Ridgid offering. For the savings I decided to try the Ridgid. Brought it home took out of the package and still liked it a lot. I set it up and started to use it for some dovetails. It would shut down everytime I engaged the piece of wood. Turns out the switch was defective and would not stay in the on position. I took it back and Home Depot didn't have any others in stock. Home Depot was very quick to give me my money back, but I'm off to buy the PC unit.


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          I worked at home depot for about 3 years ... had plans of going up through high management - store/district management when I finish my degree. The whole company has me so disqusted right now I predicted every failure that has come down the tube. This is what happened.

          About 2 years ago now, HD cut funding to companies to send in vendor reps. This meant there were no more people that would come in to our stores between twice weekly to once every other month to teach the associates about the products. (They did keep a few reps - such as the paint reps who do the ordering, outside garden plant reps, and the ridgid rep.) The rest got replaced by a new company HD made called Pro Marketing. This is the worst idea ever! I am really good friends with some of these PM employees - none have a marketing degree. Or even business. One has a masters in sports management or something, the other just has a general AA. Some don't have any. These people have no information about the products whatsoever - they build the displays that are sent down from corporate but have no knowledge at all about the products.

          IMO... ever since Nardelli took over the company back in '02, it has been on a steady decline. Between cutting bonuses, lowering pay increases, lowering wages in general, and just all the crap his new form of management has been rolled into the stores, it is not looking good. (I origionally started with the company back in 2000, and took off for a couple years to go to college, then realized I needed the money so I went back.)

          I don't expect to see these going on specials, until they go on clearance. They came out also with a 3x24 inch belt sander - no big display. Also, they never sold. I'm waiting for this to go on clearance also so that I can get one cheap. (Just a FYI... employees don't get discounts. Pissed me off.)

          If Nardelli keeps this company, he's gonna run it into the ground. I hope they can get rid of him soon enough.


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            I purchased my router on March 17 th. To this day the HD does not have another one . I never saw it on display as well as the the newer 2611 6"R.O. sander. I know the guys real well at HD and they are very helpful here but i guess it is not up to them to market the tools.