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Problems with my Band Saw

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  • Problems with my Band Saw

    I have had the BS1400 for almost 2 years now. Had the usual tire problem, got that replaced with no problem. I have only ever had the included 3/8" blade - haven't used it much... obviously. Anyway back in the spring, I went to buy a Ridgid 1/8" blade. It was a few inches too long - no tensioning would make it fit. Returned and got another, it also was too long. I gave up during the summer heat, and just got a 1/4" blade. It is also too long! (Actually it's the same size as that second 1/8" blade I never took back.) Is this operator error or is there something wrong with all this? I checked the manual and it doesn't say anything about this problem... please help!

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    You need to get away from the ridgid blades and buy timberwolf blades.


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      Have you compared the new blades to the 3/8 original?


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        The original 3/8 is a lot smaller than the new ones - they are quite a bit bigger. I contacted Ridgid and they told me that they stopped making blades 3 years ago, which makes no sense to me at all since HD still stocks them and its active. I couldn't find a Timberwolf locally so I got a POS craftsman 1/8" blade and it works perfectly fine. Quite annoying. Thanks for the input.


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          How is the overall performance of your band saw. Do you feel any significant vibration when yu operate the saw?