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Anybody make a quick bandsaw tension/detension for the BS1400?

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  • Anybody make a quick bandsaw tension/detension for the BS1400?

    I'm tired of turning that damn knob so often.
    Anybody make something that worked?

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    I can't comment on function or quality but it's supposed to fit
    this looks kinda cool too, and way cheaper
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      I guess I wasn't clear in my question. I've seen the two you posted links to.
      The cheap one is nearly as big a pain as the stock one, the carter is too pricey.
      I wanted to know if anybody here has made one.


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        I have been using the cheaper one from Highland and I must say that it works really fine. Once you get it, you can see its a very simple thing to make yourselves but I think it is worth the price. Just a couple of turns one way and the blade is tensioned and a couple of turns the other way it is de-tensioned. No hassles. I dont know what to do with my old one.


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          I purchased the long handle crank from Highland Hardware, not the wheel one. Works like a champ.


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            Re: Anybody make a quick bandsaw tension/detension for the BS1400?

            My ancient bandsaw, after 30 loyal years, finally bit the dust. (It was already very old when I bought it 30 years ago!) So I'm shopping Jet, Delta and of course, Ridgid. I hear all this bummer stuff about Ridgid and I'm wondering if they have improved this unit in response to all the critiques. I looked at the poorly-assembled (no surprise there) saw at my local HD and it seemed in every way at least as good as the Delta, which seemed overpriced and flimsy. The wheels, upon spinning them and watching closely, ran as true as I could expect. The tires seemed loose on the wheels, but I'm not averse to replacing those. My only real caveat is that it is the only saw made in China and I am really resistant to buying any tools made in China.

            On the flip side, my Ridgid 10" table saw is as fine a piece of equipment as I could imagine and I love it.

            So tell me, guys, is the Jet worth the extra $100 (shipped, I live in Hawaii)?

            Have Ridgid addressed any of the many problems that appear in this forum?


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              Re: Anybody make a quick bandsaw tension/detension for the BS1400?

              "Have Ridgid addressed any of the many problems that appear in this forum?"

              For the BS1402, not that I have heard anyone on here say, and unfortunately nothing said by Ridgid either, so you don't know if they are working the kinks out or just content with the status-quo.

              I was looking hard at a MiniMax-16, and had myself convinced on buying one, but I was hesitant to spend that much money for the quantity and quality of work I do. So when the Rikon 14" deluxe came out, I looked that over and went ahead and picked one up. I've only had it a week but so far its been pretty good. Admittedly it's a jump to the next price level ($750) but that's a third of the cost of the MiniMax I was looking at. An 18" BS would take up too much space in my shop, so this fits in just right.

              I did have one problem with it during assembly. One of the handwheels was not tapped full through and I could not mount the spinner on it. I went on Rikon's website last Sunday afternoon and left a message to the Tech Support. On Tuesday I got a telephone call and I talked for over a half hour to them about the saw. The first thing he did was apologized for not getting back to me within 24 hours, and the nest was to tell me that the end of this week he would be sending out a new handwheel to me. He asked me questions about what I thought of various features and I asked questions and got answers, like that the Craftsman BS is not made by Rikon, but by their (Rikon's) parent company for Sears. He listened with interest to my suggestions on making the saw better. We talked about dust collection and lighting, blade guide adjustment and a bunch of other things. And he said to call him back if I had questions or any other problems with the saw.

              So, I have not had a lot of time to use it but I like it so far. I know it is more in price than a Ridgid, Griz, Delta, or any other 14" BS, but is has many of the features on larger machines with a 13" resaw capacity in a smaller footprint.

              Oh, I did make a crank for my old BS from a handcrank I picked up at a a surplus place near me for $3. You might check out Reid Tool for a crank or handwheel that would fit in place of the knob on your BS.
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