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info onR350 CHA or RHA framing nailers

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  • info onR350 CHA or RHA framing nailers

    Looking for feedback on the Ridgid R350 RHA or CHA framing nailers capability.Having never used one before.
    Also would I be able to use the Porter Cable 2 hp 6 gal pancake 150psi compressor I have ( for my 18 gauge brad nailer)without to much of a problem. Or is it drive 2 nails and wait for the compressor to catch up.I really dont want to buy a new compressor. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The R350 uses 0.14 CU FT of air per shot @ 100 psi so divide that into your supply rate and you get about 1 nail every 3 seconds and never touch your reserve. I think you would be fine with your tank. If you drop all 100 nails as fast as you can you may run out of air and need to let it recharge while you reload. Nice gun, it has worked fine for me


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      thanks for info

      The info it is a great help. I also found a previous thread from you re the nailer with additional info. My thanks.