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  • Ridgid Table Saw 3650

    My old Craftsman Table saw said "good bye" so I am in the market for a new one and 3650 from Ridgid caught my attention.
    Does anybody have any comments about this one. like vibration, warranty, aftersales service, etc.
    Last time I bought my Band saw from them and I am not very happy with its performance. Too much vibration> I can see the pulley attached to the lower wheel wobbles but they say send the whole damn thing over then only we will repair it. They won't send somebody to replace the defective pulley or the lower shaft.
    Any info will be highly appreciated.

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    You can use the "Search" function above to type in TS3650. You will get a ton of glowing reviews and copious insight.

    I personally have the TS2400 and love it.

    As for your bandsaw, did you register for the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement, by sending in your upc, copy of receipt, form/and or online reg? It's a very reasonable requirement and great service.

    I have a Ridgid table saw, the miter saw stand, a 6" sander and the jigsaw, and the only product I had a problem with was the miter stand, which Ridgid made right.

    Ridgid actually has quite a few repair centers on the Island:

    (use your own zip for more exact matches)

    Trust me, if you sit on it, it will aggravate the daylights out of you. You should reserve judgement until you go through the repair process. After all, Ridgid is the only company that backs their product up for a lifetime, so anything is better than dropping another 3, 4 hundred bucks!


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      Thanks for the link, but it did'nt work. Anyway, I found out some service centers. One of them agreed that it was ridiculous of Rigid to ask their customers to bring over heavy stationary tools. But all they have to say is 'bring it in'. I did register with Ridgid online. But it really does not help. Especially for heavy power tools. They will provide the service only if you will deliver the machine at their shop. I thank my stars I have't bought their Table Saw TS3650!!!! I dont know what they were thinking when they wrote that warranty. (or what was I thinking when I bought their Band Saw)
      I am still conversing with their customer support(?) and till now I am just getting their stock reply"bring it in"
      My advice to prospective Ridgid customers: Make sure you can carry heavy weights and have a truck available if yu want their warranty to make any sense. They expect you to use their Herculift system to tansport the machine to thier service center. Better to spend your hard earned money on some other better brand.
      Maybe I will update with what they finally decide.
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        I have never heard of a woodworking equipment manufacturer or seller who provides onsite service. If you think getting service from Ridgid is inconvenient, try Grizzly Tools. Unless you live close to one of their handful of distribution centers, you will have to pack it up in a box and ship it to them by truck freight for repair. DAMHIK.

        OTOH, I remember many years ago hearing Lee Iacocca advertise that Chrysler cars have the best warranty in the industry. I remember thinking that I wasn't interested in a car with an excellent warranty. What I wanted was a car that didn't break.


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          Why do you expect on site service from Ridgid? Your automobile most likely costs at least ten times what the band saw costs and yet you do not demand on site service from the manufacturer. No manufacturer of woodworking tools supplies on site service unless it is a paid for option. your displeasure with Ridgid makes no logical sense. If you expect all manufacturers to provide you with on site service I am afraid that you are in for some large dissapointments.

          Just my opinion