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R82001 12V Drill Kit- did i pay today's price for yesterday's product?

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  • R82001 12V Drill Kit- did i pay today's price for yesterday's product?

    Just bought the Ridgid 12V 3/8" drill kit for CA$169.00 at HD and the clerk mentioned a couple times that this is the older model, and that the newest ones are the lithium line. I asked if they will continue making the 12V and if that model will be getting a facelift or improved battery technology or something, and maybe he didn't understand what I was getting at. I doubt they are going to release a 12 or even 14.4 volt lithium. But there's also the MAX batteries. To me, $169 for an old "yesterday" model of a store-brand 12V is a lot of money even if its feel/build quality and specs seem to rival the equivalent Dewalt model. If in 2 weeks I see new ridgids with new and improved MAX batteries or something for the same price i'll be PO'd. Or if in 2 weeks I see these exact models being cleared out for dirt cheap, same. Mine has just regular old 12V batteries, not the ones with the MAX logo like shown currently on the ridgid website. Of course if I call Ridgid tech support they aren't gonna tell me ya you got ripped off, so I wanted to ask you good folks in the forums. Should I be concerned?

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    The 12v had a small change recently, basically the clutch cap went to high impact plastic instead of the plastic/rubber/aluminum one from before. The older one scratched and was a bit heaver.

    As far as I know, the only Lithium planned for Ridgid currently is the 24 drill and combo kit, and the 18v/24v max select line. I don't think it will trickle down to the 12v and 14.4v year.

    The drill you have is a great drill for driving screws, it has a lot of power for it's size, and the batterys charge in 20 minutes. I love mine.


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      Ok thanks for the reply, as long as the new/current model isn't with a new and improved Max battery set or something like that for around the same price I think I'll keep it. I'm not an expert and not 100% sure what the difference with the clutch cap is, but if its what I'm thinking, I kinda like mine, it feels like steel and the way it clicks into position just seems solid. In fact the whole drill feels solid- I can't believe the size of the charger, though that may not be a good thing- the case is like a freakin suitcase compared to my old 12V Ryobi. And I also can't get over how heavy this thing is for a 12V drill, on the plus side it screams build quality/durability. But I was choosing between this, the Dewalt 12V for about the same price and a base model Makita 14.4V that was $40 less. And the Makita was extremely compact and lightweight- for me and my uses those are positive attributes, but I wasn't crazy about the torque ratings and the entry level 1.3Ah batteries. I had a feeling that this 12V Ridgid would crush the 14.4V Makita performance-wise (unless we are comparing it to the higher end models).


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        you've got 90 days to return it


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          Regarding your recent purchase of the 12 volt drill/driver, I don't think you got ripped by any means, as I believe, that is the current price; and, you may have gotten a slightly better build quality given the change in materials on the clutch sleeve (mentioned in mr man's post).

          If you do find a better or improved product, you have 90 days to return your drill for a refund.

          You might want to keep a close watch on your local HD as we are quickly approaching that time of year when product clearances offer some spectacular deals on slow moving products. For instance, last November I bought the a Ridgid 14.4 volt 3/8 drill-driver and 14.4 Impact Driver "Combo" when it was on "clearance"... got both in the same box for $135!!! (Screaming Deal or what!) But, I got a bag instead of a hard case and only a single station battery charger. But what the heck, the "combo" price was almost like buy one tool at a discount and get the second one free. The 14.4 Impact Driver is still a separate product, but that particular drill/driver has since been replaced with the 14.4 "X2" model. I have been delighted with both of these tools and their performance is terrific.

          Similarly, this past January I purchased the Ridgid "Carpenter's Combo" which consisted of thier 10" CMS and their 16-guage Straight Finish Nailer. On clearance, the price was $175. Both tools still sell separately for $189 each.

          The point is that while I think you paid a fair price, you could very well find that a "clearance" is near and hopefully within your 90-day return period. My experience has been that "clearance" depends on current national inventory and that the product sales hasn't met expectations. In such cases, these things get "yellow" tagged (clearance stickers) and the price is drastically reduced. Most recent example of this is the Herc-U-Lift which was selling for less than $15 earlier this week.

          I hope this helps... especially for future needs,

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            Yuppo, I'll be keeping my eyes open for good deals! I got a Ridgid belt sander/palm sander combo with bag for 100 bucks CDN. The Belt sander retails for 199.99 CDN and the palm sander another 69.99 CDN. Thats over 63% off!


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              90 days

              Thanks everyone, I'll try to watch what's going on but since I live out of town and pretty far from the nearest HD all I have is their flyers and website to go by and it seems like they do a lots of in-store/unadvertised promotions or clearances...oh well. My main point was that the store i was at had very little in stock and the clerk kept mentioning this was the old model- so I wanted to see if anybody knew what the new model is, if the newest or soon to be released 12V ridgid was powered by a better battery then I might try another HD store or just hold off until they get them in stock. But that 90 day return window should be enough to catch any year end clearances or 2007 model releases.


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                Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I always thought you got a better per tool value purchasing a combo kit. The 18 volt Max HC combos, which are "old" tools, were being marked down to $209US. That's a circular saw, hammer drill, light and 12 volt right angle impact driver. What would be the rationale for spending about half that amount and getting only 1 tool? Whenever possible, follow CWSmith's advice and check the local HDs frequently. My marked down 9212 combo came to $160US after a 10% mail in rebate (thanks again to Cellardoor for providing the rebate form) and a 10% customer appreciation coupon.

                And, BTW, a Ridgid technical rep, who really seemed to know his tools passed on the following: Any 18 volt Ridgid tool marked as MAxHC or MAx 2.5 will alledgedly accept the new 24 volt lithium ion batteries. When questioned regarding compatibility, he noted that the tool motors and switches were rated at 36 volts and could handle the additional power of the lithium ions. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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