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Dead 18v Max hc batteries

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  • Dead 18v Max hc batteries

    Hi Guys,
    I have been trying to find out if there is a place where I can send dead (won't take a charge) batteries. I live in Texas. Any Help?
    Thanks, Randy

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    Find the nearest Ridgid Service Center go here, and click on Support. Next click on Service Centers and find one nearest to you and send the dead batteries there. If you signed up for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement or they are still under warranty, the new replacements will cost you nothing but possibly a freight charge.
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      If you are just looking to recycle or dispose of them and not replace them most Home Depots, Lowes and ACE Hardware have stations to drop off batteries for proper disposal. In my area our local landfill also has bins to drop them off in as well (all types of batteries).

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