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BS1400 Tracking Problem

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  • BS1400 Tracking Problem

    Has anybody had to deal with this issue?

    I have an older model (gray) BS1400 (w/ riser) that won't track properly. The adjusting knob won't correct the issue without the wing nut removed and that causes the pivot arm to contact the upper wheel. The pivot arm is also contacting the wheel cover where it enters the back from the sliding bracket, and has bent the sheet metal.

    I'm going to disassemble the entire top to get a better look at the parts, but so far I have no clue what the hell has happened.

    Help if you can, I appreciate it!

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    Most likely the tension spring has broken. I ran into the same trouble and that is what I found. Call customer service and they will send you the new spring.


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      It could be that the riser block is the problem. The top and bottom wheels might not be in line.
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        Bandsaw Shaft & Hinge assembly

        Well I finally got enough time away from work to play with my toys and get the issue with my BS-1400 resolved. It wasn't the tires, the spring, or the blade, it was a crappy part that bent from resawing green white oak with a 3/4' inch blade.

        Check the attached images and you can see the bent part and the new part. I ordered the part from Gardner on Monday and got the box on Thursday. When I picked up the box I was afraid I had gotten the wrong part because the box weighed nearly three times that of the part I had taken off. Once I opened the box I found that the part was the correct part but, there have been some serious revisions made to the part since it was put into my saw as I bought it. You can see in the photos that the POS was made in Taiwan and the HEFTY NEW part was made in China. Just an observation NOT a political statment.

        If you have a "Grey" BS-1400, I would highly reccomend that you spend the $17 (+ $8 shipping) for this much sturdier part before the POS one fails.
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          It'd be nice if Ridgid had a TSB "type" forum where they could inform us, the consumers of these sorts of improvments and new part revisions so that it wouldn't entail having my saw offline for three weeks.


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            Re: BS1400 Tracking Problem

            ChefnDan - Do you have the part number or the contact info for Gardner? My part just completely snapped and the replacement part they sent me did the same thing. Unfortunately the replacement part was the same crappy one that was in there originally. I'd like to get he "new and improved" one you have.

            Thanks in advance!

            Edit - Well no worries, I noticed this was from 2006 after I posted. As well the "New" part is the same crappy one they've sent to me before. :-( I've found Gardner Inc's site and am just going to order one directly from them on Monday and hope for the best.

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