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tp1300 infeed roller replacement

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  • tp1300 infeed roller replacement

    Well the infeed roller on my planer decided it had enough the other day. I was running some lumber through and heard a lump lump sound (the roller split) then a couple chunks of rubber came off the roller.

    Mine is the older grey model that should have the lifetime warranty. Dunnow if I'll be able to get a replacement roller out of it or not though.

    I have run allot of lumber through the planer and I'm not upset but it is a nuissance to have the tool down while waiting for the part.

    I did notice though that the inside of the rubber against the rod is full of air bubbles. Probably a side effect of manufacture as the rod is probably heated before the rubber is molded on.

    I took a quick look at it and it doesn't look like that big of a deal to swap the rollers. Anyone done one before?

    I'm also thinking of getting a spare belt just in case.