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Ampere Hour rating of 12 volt battery

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  • Ampere Hour rating of 12 volt battery

    Hello all,
    does anyone happen to know what the battery AH rating is for the Ridgid R82001 12 volt drill?
    I can't seem to find this information anywhere. I guess it must be in the neighborhood of 1.3AH or so, since the drill has poor run time...

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    Me too

    Yes, I can't see that rating anywhere in the documentation, advertising or packaging. I just bought mine last week, haven't had a chance to put it to work yet. How bad is the battery life? Still not sure if I'll keep it. Sure is heavy, I turned down a 14.4V Makita because of 1.3 Ah battery and slightly underpowered torque rating even though it was much more compact and $40 less.


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      i am not sure how much drilling you all do with the 12 volt drills but i am sure if you don't much drilling over 3/8 of an inch then i would really think about getting an impact driver over the drill you will be amazed that you ever got along with out one before.i know i was.
      9/11/01, never forget.


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        Yeah I have 2 impact drivers as well as two other 12v drills and two 18v drills. It's just that I use this drill mostly because it is somewhat compact. If I'm drilling with a fully charged battery and a 3/4" spade bit, I'll only get about a dozen holes before the battery goes flat. I guess maybe that's pushing it for this drill, but the Bosch 12v runs probably 3 times longer and it's old...