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  • Hitachi power tools ??

    Obviously new to this forum.

    I originally found this forum through my need to find planer blades for my R848 which were not on the ridgid site, home depot site, or home depot store.

    As this was my first Ridgid purchase I became immediately skeptical of the company, but have had no problems with the planer. (I actually bought mine because it was the only one I could find that was cordless, and two weeks later I find that they have been clearanced to $79 from $199!!, Home depot was very good about a return, rebuy I must say.)

    I have noticed a discussion on M&D mower and I have used them a couple times (lawnmower parts) & (R848 blades) and found that they were very good. They are located 2 minutes from where I work so I have been able to save on shipping at the expense of sales tax. But that is neither here nor there.

    I am writing to see what is the opinion of Hitachi tools. I am a dewalt guy, but I do have a couple other brands in the arsenal.

    I have noticed at Lowes that some Hitachi combo kits are on clearance, and marked down pretty good.

    I have also been looking to get a TS and the Hitachi transportable 10'' for $149 (marked down from $199) seems like a good deal. My only problem with this TS is Hitachi has a similar one without wheels for $279 with the same rpm and horsepower?

    What has your experience been?

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    to stay away from de walt mostly. yes i don't care much for them but some poeple (you) have had good luck. but as far as hitachi is concrened with it is like anything else they make good and real good tools. they make very good nailers but the ts you are talking about i am not sure what you will be using it for but to me it sounds more like a hobbyest saw that isn't ment for more than a 1 bys or other small lumber .
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      Personally I stay away from most Dewalt tools - never been too happy with them. Hitachi makes a few good tools, but most of the Hitachi line at HD and Lowe's is lower-end consumer grade. As for the Hitachi table saw, it has a weak fence, as is the case for most portable table saws under $500. I guess it all gets down to what you want to use the Table saw for - if you are going to rough cut sheet goods for construction, it will serve that purpose, as will a circular saw. However don't plan on making any heirloom furniture with it.


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        Like most major companies in the market today, Hitachi has nice excellent tools, some great values, some darkhorses, and some lemons IMHO. Their M12V 3hp router is legendary for value, performance, and longevity. Some of their miter saws are imprressive. Their new TS entry into the hybrid/contractor saw arena falls well short of the competition IMO. Their cordless drills don't appear to be at the level of DW, Milwaukee, or Ridgid, but they're priced lower and are easily competitive with others in that price range.

        The market is changing so fast, that I think it's better to evaluate each tool on it's own merit as opposed to buying on brand loyalty......quality in one tool doesn't necessarily correlate to another.


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          Like I said my experience with Hitachi is limited, I have their Digital 12'' CMS that I got at Lowes a year or two ago that ended up costing me about $50 (if you bought the CMS you got a free drill, also a $100 lowes gift card, so i sold the drill on ebay for a little better than $200...)

          The CMS has worked flawlessly and come to think of it, I actually lied about my Ridgid tools collection, I also own a MSUV that I had to drill out holes for the Hitachi. The MSUV was a genius invention IMO.

          I also bought a combo kit for a Brother-in-law as their wedding gift. He says he as had no problems with it, but I also know he probably gets most use out of the flashlight as compared to the other tools.

          I was asking mostly for the TS. If you can read my profile, I am a sole proprietor tax accountant. I work my *** off for 2 and 1/2 months and cruise the rest of the year. I have taken to "flipping" a house every summer/fall even before it became popular and selling or renting it out. Nothing major, no additions, structural work, etc. Like it has been said by others on this board, I am a tool whore, and probably dont even need a TS, my circular saw with a guide has done the trick for this long, but I am starting to run out of things to buy.

          What would you recommend if you wanted a transportable TS with price being a concern, but overall value the most important.


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            start hitting the pawn shops/ yard sale and look for the ridgid ts2400ls they can be found for around $200 i got mine with out the legs or wheel base for $110 about a year ago but the asking price was $250 so it took some talking down to get it for this price, but well worth it
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            9/11/01, never forget.


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              I had the 12" Hitachi digital CSMS before i got such a good deal on my Makita. That was a sweet saw, precise like no other.

              A Hitachi jigsaw rec'd very high marks from one of the Taunton's magazines last month.

              Their jobsite table saws seem a little cheesy. IMO, the Ridgid TS2400 (which I own), or the Bosch 4000-09 is a much better option. Better fence, higher capacity, etc.

              I actually think their drill bits and drill accessories are very good quality, and prefer them over Dewalt, but maybe not Bosch.


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                Great insight on why the Dewalt jobsite saw is the only one you would consider.

                If you were here when I narrowed my search down to the Bosch 4000-09 and the Ridgid TS2400LS, i probably would've went with the Dewalt.


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                  No more Hitachi nailers for me..

                  I use various brands for various reasons,I`ve used everything under the sun at one time or another,I started out with Dewalt,they didn`t last or perform very well,except for their high end order only tools that they don`t sell at the store.( order only ) I then went with the green ones,again not lasting very long,small example bought 3 new 2 inch 18 gauge brad nailers,lasted about 4 months,all the pistons broke off the end that drives the brad.The only green tool I`ll ever own is the scms,it is without a shadow of a doubt the finest everyday saw I have or will have in my line of work.I started buying Ridgid when they came out with their own line of nailers,bought 2 18 gauge brad nailers,2 18 gauge narrow crown staplers ,worked great then went to a Ridgid air comp,TS2400LS table saw,jig saw,joiner,planer.When all the other colors have faded and died,all that will be left is orange.Well worth my hard earned money.