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    Hello all, I haven't posted for quite some time now, but I am building my first new house starting in October and am needing some new tools. I am kind of taking a "money is no object" approach to these tools. I need a new MS and TS and am wondering which brand/model ya'll would get if you had the opportunity. Most of my other tools are orange, but I am wanting to get the most bang for my buck for these two specific tools. I really like the looks of the 12" Hitachi or the 12" Bosch slider MS, but am not sure the extra $100 over the Ridgid or DeWalt is worth it. For a TS, I need something that is easily transportable, and that is my only request for that one. Any advice/help you could give on these two would be appreciated. I have read through old posts and have a good idea, but wanted a fresh opinion.

    Nate in Fargo

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    For an easily transportable and high quality table saw the Ridgid TS2400LS is hard to beat.

    As far as a miter saw goes, any one of the 10" Makita LS1013 Series SCMS's will serve you well. They all offer cutting capacities that rival many 12" saws and aren't overly expensive.
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      Here's what i have:

      The Ridgid TS2400, it's just awesome...especially with a nice blade, and it's portable to boot.

      I owned the Hitachi C12LSH a couple months ago (great deal at Lowes for about $250 bucks off), and used it about a dozen times. Nice saw, but my only issue was with the small base and the sheer size of it. Testing the limits on the sliding crosscut was a little dicey because of the base. The sliding system is cool, but the saw is huge, and any space you save from the new sliding system is compounded with the bulkiness of the top heavy mount.

      I got a great deal on the Makita LS1214L, which IMO, is a better saw. The rails slide under the unit when not in use, it's extremely accurate, quiet, the base is large, and the most portable 12" CSMS out there. It's usually ranked 1 or 2 for top slider at that size. They make an LS1214 (no laser) an LS1214F (light instead of laser) and an LS1214FL. The Makita 10" version is just as nice, just figure out your needs.

      I would go for those 2: Ridgid TS2400 and the Makita LS1214 series


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        I haven't used the Ridgid portable TS so I can't comment on it. I own a Porter-Cable TS and I'm very pleased with it. It has a nice softstart motor with electric break and I've found it to be quite powerful. The fence is decent and provides 25" rip capacity. I've used the Bosch TS and I think it is the best portable saw out there. It's powerful and quiet with an excellent fence system. If I had to buy another portable TS the Bosch would be it.
        As for miter saws, I have the Makita LS1013L 10-Inch Dual Bevel SCMS. I had a Dewalt before it. I looked at several SCMS's before I decided on the Makita. I did not need the slight increase in capacity of a 12" saw(4-1/2" vs. 3-5/8" thickness-they both cut 12" wide) and I like the accuracy of a 10" vs. a 12" saw. The Makita has a large table and a very quiet soft-start motor - it's the quietest saw I've used. I don't care for the miter scale on the side, the right fence is almost nonexistent, and it needs a couple of bevel detents for doing crown moulding. Other than that, it's a great saw. My brother has the Bosch SCMS and it's a great saw, but I think it looks kind of busy with all the knobs and controls – but a great saw never-the-less.


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          Does Makita make a stand for their ms? I can't find one. Does another brand's stand work well for it? Thanks for the input so far. You made a decision I thought would be between 4 or 5 down to 1 on the ms. I figured the TS would be a no brainer, but wanted to make sure.


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            The Makita SCMS will work on the Ridgid MSUV. You might have to drill a hole or two in order to mount it but that isn't a big deal. My FIL has his Makital mounted on the Harbor Freight version of a miter stand and seems to like it although he doesn't move his saw around much.
            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              The 12" Makita CSMS is a tough fit on the MSUV. I mounted both my brothers and mine to it, and it takes a little effort to get it done. You basically have to drill a hole in the back left part of the base (as viewed when facing it from the front) because of the limitations of the moving parts underneath (interference) as outlined in the schematics in the manual.

              What I like about the MSUV:
              It's great for rolling out of my garage, and the set-up is about a 2 minute deal. The rollers are a nice distance and extremely adjustable. It feels stable on the gravel driveway and has some room for speed squares, pencils, tape measures, etc. on the sides of the saw mount.

              What I don't like:
              It's Heavy. Not ideal for transporting without a truck or even a mid-size suv, because you will have to remove all 4 mounting bolts. I've wanted to take it to the family vacation home to do some work, but that's not possible in my car. The stand alone takes up a good deal of space in the car. That's really my only beef with it, but you basically know your limiations by looking at the stand in HD.

              If you want a stand you can fold up, that's lighter and just as strong, I don't think there's a cooler stand out there than this one:


              It has a light, the ability to quickly mount multiple tools, like a planer, a miter saw, etc. On deck 4 power outlet built in, a vise, and much more. I saw it at a local Lumber yard for $300, but with the 2 discounts it's only $199 delivered from Amazon. If I knew about this one before I bought the MSUV, i would've went that's a no brainer IMO.

              I do like my MSUV, but I paid $99 for it, and don't think it's really worth $199.


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                I've got the newer model bosch 3915 CMS in the 10" sliding variety, but it also comes in 12". I'm very happy with it - lots of power, great cut, good blade included. I've done crown, constructed a fence, built a few tables, and did some rough caprentry with it as well. I would buy it again.


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                  I'm not sure you need more opinions at this point...but here goes. I own the Bosch 4000 table saw on the Bosch wheeled folding stand. The saw is exceptional, even using the standard blade. I put a Forrest WW II blade on it and it really feels and performs like a fixed cabinet saw. I love it and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. The stand folds up for storage and has good sized wheels. Sets-up fast and is rock solid. Enough said.

                  The Makita 1013 series is my favorite MS. I have a newer one with both the laser and work light. My left eye has limited vision and both of those add-on toys really help me. The saw is super smooth and using a Forrest Chopmaster blade, the cuts are probably the best of any MS. The 10" Bosch is a serious challenger, but I do like my Makita. I mounted it on a Stablemate Pro 1000 stand and find the stand to be super sturdy and durable. Made of STEEL, not aluminum, it has fast on, fast off clamps and plenty of material support for long stock. It folds up once you remove your saw or other tool. In Minnesota, it retails for $149. Good luck.


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                    Regarding portable stands for your CMS or SCMS, I have the Ryobi model which is similar to basic design of the previously referenced Portamate. It doesn't have the wheels or auxiliary brackets, but it's cost is significantly less at only $99. It supports up to 400 lbs, which makes it one of the sturdiest CMS stands on the market. Its legs also fold up under the center frame so in it's folded position it is fairly narrow and easy to transport up stairs or through doorways. Both left and right extensions slide back into the frame for transport and both ends are adjustable for length and heigth and include adjustable stops.

                    The CMS mounts on the two removable slotted brackets, which require your CMS to have it's front and back mounting holes inline and parallel. Otherwise, you can mount to a piece of plywood and mount that to the brackets. Quick-release clamps on the mounting brackets allow quick removal of the CMS from the stand. Additional mounting brackets are available for around $18 as I recall, from Ryobi parts.

                    Heres a link to the product page and they are also in the Home Depot:

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                      CW's, I'm not a big fan of Ryobi, but I think that stand is pretty nice. I think I read your previous review about it and subsequently checked it out.

                      It was suprisingly sturdy and light. The only red flag, for me, was the caveat: not intended for a 12" sliding ms." Have you attempted it? Or, do you have the 10" mounted?


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                        Now the stand thing has me a bit confused. I was hoping for a "package deal" to have a stand that worked perfectly with the saw, but I guess that's not possible with the Makita MS.

                        Also, does the laser on it only show when you pull the trigger like most other saws, or can you turn it on without starting the blade? I found it on Tyler Tool with a free 18v drill/driver which I don't need, but it's free shipping which is a plus. Maybe I'll do the HD 20% off thing and do it that way instead. I think I have one laying around somewhere.


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                          Have you decided on the 10" or 12" makita miter?

                          The Ridgid MSUV will work with the 12" slider, but it takes some extra planning. Didn't mean to paint a picture that it won't. I can take a pic for you to show you how I mounted mine, if you'd like.

                          I imagine the 10" is super easy to mount to the MSUV, given the smaller base.

                          BTW, the MSUV is on sale for $149 at the HD's near me in New York.

                          The laser on my Makita LS1214L stays on all the way through the cut, which is nice, but i never use it

                          tyler tool doesn't have the LS1214L, they have the LS1214FL (has both the light and the laser) but it's cheaper on because of the $50 promotion.

                          also, if you are thinking of the 10", the LS1013FL is $456.31 delivered on amazon, after the promotional discount. That's about $50 less than the ls1013l model on tyler, and it has one more option. if you order on amazon, make sure it's through amazon and not one of the other stores like grizzly, etc, because the promotion only works for amazon sold items.
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                            I have the Ridgid 10-inch CMS mounted on it. I had forgotten that the SCMS wasn't recommended for it, thanks. I suppose there may be some inbalance, depending on the saw. The thing is pretty sturdy though and is rated up to 400 lbs and has a decent spread to the legs, so I guss I'd have to see exactly what kind of problem a larger tool would present. (Still, it's best to heed any warnings!)

                            My use isn't at all "industrial". but I'm remodeling an old house that I'm hoping to move into soon, as well as trying to do some improvements on this home to enhance it's market price. Portability is a must as I shuffle back and forth as well as room to room. Also, I've got most of my equipment so it sets up and tears down quickly.



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                              This is the stand I have...


                              It's heavy, stable, and made in USA. I got it on sale at HD for $75. Works great with my Makita 1013 saw.

                              BTW - I don't really use thew laser on the makita - it's too hard to see in daylight and so it's not very usefull...