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What Nail gun do I need to buy?

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  • What Nail gun do I need to buy?

    I want to buy a air compressor and nail gun to have around the house. I will be installing a hardwood floor soon and the compressor and nail gun will make things go quicker. I was thinking about a 15 guage angled finish nailer? Will I be able to use this to install baseboard (3 inches tall by 1/2 inch thick) and quarter round shoe molding? Or shoud I buy a 16 guage finish nailer. I was also planning to use the nail gun I buy to face nail the first and last few rows of 3/4 oak hardwood flooring, will the same nail gun accomplish all of these tasks, or do I need to buy two different guns? Note: I was planning on renting a pneumatic flooring nailer to do the rest of the hardwood floor. Any advise/help is appreciated!

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    2 choises come to mind real fast. frist is the porter cable pancake compresser and nail gun kit costs right around $259-329 the other (my prefeance)is the paslode cordless kit witch is battery and "fuel cell" powered and the price is about the same $320 but either way you go you will be very very happy with either on of these
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      My choice

      Hey Stang,

      I had to make the same decision a couple of weeks ago and decided to go with the Porter Cable 15ga. angle (DA250B). I got some great feedback from the guys on this forum. Here is the link to my thread. CLICK

      I found a real deal at They had the gun then for $119. It's still a great deal at $124.95. The same nailer is $169 at HD. Check it out.

      Of course, you'll still need a compressor. I have a Devilbiss 26 gallon 5 horsepower that I am happy with but it's not real portable! The PC pancake units are usually quite reasonably priced at Home Depot.

      Good Luck.



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        I picked up the PC combo trio a few months ago and it has performed well for my tasks. I paid around $250. for the set which includes
        16g nailer-250a,brad nailer and narrow crown stapler. While I havn't had a chance to use the stapler I'm pleased with the rest. The only draw back is the compressor is really loud, other than that It should suffice your present needs and you can't beat the price. Prices for these particular nailers bought individually will run you roughly over 290.00. The way I look at it is that I got a compressor for basically free and since I didn't own any nailers or compressor I couldn't have done much better price wise. If you forsee heavier and broader use of air tools look into a bigger compressor to suit the needs of future tools but you will now have three descent nailers.


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          I concur, the pancake compressor is extremely loud.

          I picked up the PC trio/pancake compressor 2 weeks ago, just in time to get the $20 rebate--plus I used a 20% off HD coupon.

          I've used the brad and finish nailer and can't complain. Pretty good deal.

          I wish I went with a paslode for convenince and ease of use. the only drawback from using them inside is the acrid smell they emit, but nothing a little ventilation cant' remediate.


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            I think a Paslode cordless 16ga finish nailer will work perfectly , and you won't have to drag a noisy compressor around.


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              I went with the dewalt 15 gauge -- will let everyone know what I think of it when it arrives. I got it factory reconditioned for 89 plus 15 shipping on ebay.