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    Newby Here, first time
    I understand Ridgid has some sanders like the R2610 made in Germany some in China and Mexico. I would really like to get one of the German made I can't figure out how to other than checking HD on a daily basis. If anyone has a solution I'd appreciate it.
    Thanks alot

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    My understanding from things I've read on the forums is that the R2610 is/was made in Germany by Metabo. It was mentioned on one of the forums (don't remember if was here or on one of the others), that some or all of the Metabo made tools were to be moved to principle TTI factory in China at sometime in the near future. I'm not sure if that was in to be in 2006 or when.

    In any case, about the only way that you can tell is to look at the particular tool's ID plate and see where it was made. It may say on the box, but with the 2610 doen't come with a hardcase, so examining the tool shouldn't be much of much of challenge unless the box is sealed. If all the 2610's in your local HD are made in China, then I would presume that the switch has been made.

    I know people have thier particulars, for whatever reason, but either origin should be identical materials and specification with the more modern facility being in China (it was only built within the last five years, I believe)

    I hope this helps,



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      I think that the 2610 made in Germany ROS has already been discontinued and replaced by the 2611 which is the made in China ROS. If your local HD doesn't have any more 2610's on the shelf you might try ebay or Cummins for a reconditioned one.
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        Just buy the Metabo. I have the 2610, it was worth what I paid.
        THe Metabo was about $10 more when I bot the ridgid.


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          Thanks to all, Rafael, I guess I just didn't think to just buy the Metabo and forget it. Thanks


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            It's funny, I've seen posts in quite a few places about the 2610 and until now, I never thought to suggest getting the metabo.


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              i wanted a metabo made sander and jigsaw, so i just hit all the hd's in my vicinity until i found them.

              originally, i had the chinese made version, which actually is better designed. the orbiting diameter (1/8 or 1/4) is just a switch on that one, but on the metabo made one, you have to push a button and rotate the sanding pad. the bag and vacuum attachment is also superiorly designed.

              but for some reason i like the feel of the metabo version more

              just check all the hd's in your realm.