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24 Volt Lithium Problems

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  • 24 Volt Lithium Problems

    I've read that a few people were having problems with run time on the new Ridgid 24 volt tools. I'm on my second drill and I'm still experiencing poor run time. Has anyone else with this problem been able to resolve this problem with Ridgid ? I own a handful of Ridgid tools and I really love them including this new drill. I know it's new technology for Ridgid, so a few initial problems are to be expected, but I hope the problem can be resolved in a timely matter. In the mean time, I still have my old drill to get me through until Ridgid gets the new drill all dialed in. Any input from other members is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    When you say second drill did you buy two or take one back and get a new one?

    You may try letting the batteries run through some charge cycles I do know that some lithium ion batteries cells work their way up to full capacity over a couple of full cycles.

    Of course you can find your local a Ridgid rep and hit him/her up for information they are usually really good. Also I would call 800-4ridgid and give them an earfull yelling at customer service reps over a phone is always fun.
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      Thanks for the info. I returned the first drill, and I'm on my second one. I also called 1-800-4ridgid and talked to them a couple of times. I waiting to hear back from one of their representitives. Thanks again.


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        Have you tried taking your kit to a service center and having them check the battery and charger voltages making sure the charger is charging the battery to full voltage and the battery is taking full voltage.