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24V Ridgid combo questions

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  • 24V Ridgid combo questions

    1. Where are these tools made? (hopefully USA)
    2. Are they going to add more tools to the 24V line? If so, what and when?
    3. Is Ridgid going to make a "work radio" like Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Bosch?
    4. Is the lifetime warranty still in effect if I buy a NEW (sealed + unregistered) from Ebay?
    5. For those who own the combo what rating (1-10) would you give it so far?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    doubt it

    it would just be speculation


    you need a receipt and the original UPC I dont know if a paypal receipt is valid

    all I have that is ridgid is the hand planer and MSUV - both have worked great with no problems.


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      In terms of more tools, the Max Steel series of 6 tools works with both 18 and 24 volt batteries. Max Steel from Ridgid offers circular, jig and reciprocating saws, a caulk gun, planer and hammer drill(I think). I own an 18 volt 9212 combo kit and find it too be well made and up to whatever I've thrown at it.
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        Almost nothing is made in the USA anymore sad to say. Black and Decker/Dewalt is made in Mexico not by mexicans though and somewhere in Asia. Ridgid is made in China and Thailand. Makita is made in China also. Bosch has tools made in China also.

        For all thisoutsourcing you can thank Wal-Mart.

        As far as buying off ebay I am only speculating but you need to have a reciept from where you bought it and unless it is a home depot reciept I don't think it will qualify. Warranties on any products are usually only good for the original purchaser at retail and not transferable.
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