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Which Forum for Selling TS??

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  • Which Forum for Selling TS??

    I dont want to use the wrong forum but wondering where to list my TS3612 - like new with tons of accessories. Thanks

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    I don't think there is any established area for listing items for sale. In fact, you don't see too much of that on here for some reason. It does not bother me either way, other than if we were to start seeing a lot of activity in this area then I think it would be best to confine it to a separate forum topic area. Reason being it makes it easier for someone looking find items listed for sale and for those that do not want to deal with wading through sale items they will not be exposed to them unless they go into that one topic area.

    I have nothing to do with setting policy on here other than as a regular member with no more rights or privileges than the next person. Josh would be the one I would think to say what Ridgid's position is on the subject if they have one.

    This forum is pretty lucky. We have not needed (nor do I want) a published set of rules or regulations that people are to follow. It has been self-policing and for the most part a very civil group. Some get out of hand at times, including myself, but boys will be boys (the majority of the members are male and I have yet to see one of the female members cause a ruckus other than all the guys tripping over themselves to try to help )

    oops, did I say that?

    So wait a bit and see if Josh, the forum administrator posts anything to the contrary. If not go ahead and list it here which seems as good a place as any.
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      I have strayed away from putting up a forum dedicated to selling tools because I want to stay clear of any people who think its our responsibility to make good one other peoples transactions. Any bartering or selling done on this site is at the users own risk but since there hasnt been a need for an official section then I dont want to jump into that water yet.

      If you choose to try and sell a tool then so be it. If a store starts posting links or trying to sell on the boards here it will cause me some major headaches. Hard to differentiate sometimes. No rules against it but we arent advocating it.



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        Good point Josh, I didn't think about the possibility of people with stores (virtual or otherwise) posting item after item here, I would not want to see that in any form. I don't have a problem with a member who has an item or two to sell occasionally. Some have done that and it OK with me.

        I have even thought of doing the same from time to time. But I came to my senses and elected to keep the tool. I mean, what was I thinking selling a tool? The object is to have all the tools at the end of the game is it not?
        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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          Try this thread. <>
          Pick a city near you and click on tools. HTH.


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            What table saw are you upgrading too?
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              There are other very popular forums that have a dedicated section for selling items.

              One is Woodnet:

              Another is, which is almost a sister site to this one, but that site is down today, so I cannot put a link on.

              And another perfect place, as mentioned in another answer, is