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18v Ridgid jigsaw options

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  • 18v Ridgid jigsaw options

    First off, this is a great forum with lots of info. I'm glad I ran across it.

    I was looking for an 18V jigsaw to go with my other 18V Ridgid tools. I remember there being a Ridgid 18V jigsaw packaged alone, but I can't find it in stores anymore.

    A) I could purchase one off of eBay, but then I wouldn't get the Lifetime warranty.
    B) I found a combo kit locally that is an 18V drill/driver, plus the jigsaw for $250, but then I'd have to unload the drill/driver somewhere (I already have one)
    C) Ridgid is coming out with their Max Select tools soon. The local store had a display set out that stated they'd be getting the Max Select tools on the 26th of this month. The Max Select jigsaw will run $119.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this? Would there be any disadvantage to purchasing the Max Select version? Does anyone know if it will use up the 18V battery quicker?

    Thanks for any advice or comments.

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    Having a second drill/driver would not be such a bad thing. There have been several times i wished I had a second one. Makes it handy when drilling and driving screws so you don't have to keep switching back and forth.
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      Yeah, a second drill/driver wouldn't be bad, but I just don't need it at this time.

      I found the combo kit at a different store for $229. The only other difference I found between the R843 (discontinued 18V) and the R883 (Max Select) are the "no load speeds." The R843 has a no load speed of 0-2200 r/min, and the Max Select has a no load speed of either 0-2050 r/min (18V battery) or 0-2500 r/min (24V battery). Should that -150 r/min make that much of a difference?

      So far the Max Select version is winning in my mind. Easier to find, cheaper to buy, and it has a few more features than the dedicated 18V one.

      Any other thoughts?


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        I have the original 18V jigsaw and love it. I haven't had any problems with it and it sure is nice to not have to drag out the extension cord for a corded one.


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          I have to second that opinion I have the 18v jigsaw and it has been one of the most handy tools that I have purchased. I bought my 843 last year on a clearence sale for $99 and I don't know why I ever had one with a cord.


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            does the 18V jig saw have a blower?