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  • Which Jig Saw

    I'm contemplating upgrading my jig saw from the current Black&Decker to one of these corded jig saws:

    Bosch 1584AVSK,
    Freud FJ85
    Ridgid R3120
    Dewalt DW331K

    Based on some comments I recall from this and other forums the Bosch seems to enjoy the best reputation, but also the highest price. I don't know much about the Freud, but I'm really impressed with my Freud saw blades, and the price is attractive – so. Of course the Ridgid is in there because the several other Ridgid tools I have have been really good (TS2400, R3001 corded recip saw & the small shop vac). I like my Dewalt battery 9.6V drill/driver, so their top of the line saw is in the mix as well.

    I'm a hobbyist, so this saw will see limited use and my income won't depend on it. Still I'm after a saw that will be comfortable to use (low vibration) and make it easier to cut close to the line.

    So, having said all that, I'm looking for opinions (informed of course, as true of all the comments on this forum) about these saws. Particiluarly looking for opinions about the Freud, as I haven't heard anything about it that isn't advertising or posted by the company.


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    Bosch, without question! The Progressor blades are the best going.
    When I was looking for a jigsaw, it was between the Bosch and Ridgid. At that time, Ridgid was made in Germany and the Bosch in USA. I see the Ridgid is now made in China and the price is a little lower now. They also changed the position of the variable speed dial. Bosch may be made in China now,but haven't looked since I bought mine (about 8 months ago).



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      Which ever saw you choose load it with Bosch blades, they will make any saw better. I have the older R3120 and it is an excellent saw


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        Oh, yeah – Bosch progressor blades. I'm on board with them. They even make the B&D work much better. They are the best blades I've found. All the other blades I'd collected are gathering - ah whatever blades gather when they are stuff into the back corners of the saw's bag.


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          B&D 7.2v versapak small size, but powerful enough to cut 2x4, the size and shape makes it the most versatile, just the thing for making cutouts in drywall

          B&D the old green ones, can't bust 'em

          I looked at a B&D? with rotatable blade

          metabo and frued, they are good, lesser known


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            I own a Freud FJ85 and have used the Bosch 1587, same saw as the 1584 just a different handle design. Performance wise, I saw no difference between the two. The FJ85 has a much more user friendly blade change mechanism than the Bosch 1584 and the Freud also has a more powerful motor than the Bosch 1584.

            The Freud FJ85 IMO is an excellent jigsaw as far as performance and quality of workmanship is concerned. I highly recommend it.
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              The Hitachi CJ110MV was rated extremely high--I believe next to the top rated Bosch--by Fine Homebuilding in the Sept issue.

              I was reading about it during one of my usual HD/Lowes lenghty checkouts.

              Very nice price too

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                I have a Milwaukee and it is awesome. Made in Germany and built like a tank. I can't recommend it enough. It has tool-less adjustments and blade clamp. The bosch in great too.


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                  I've used the bosch, milwaukee and the ridgid.
                  I find the bosch highly overrated, it bogged down while cutting 2x8's for a deck I was rehabbing. The milwaukee was easily the most powerful of the 3. Nothing wrong with the ridgid. Milw is a tank. Take a look at the freud, seems to be a lot of saw for the money.


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                    I think every company has a specific tool that really is a cut above the rest. In the case of Bosch, its jigsaws. I do a lot of work with jigsaws and finally getting a Bosch was like a revelation. Absolutely magnificent tool.


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                      Jig Saws


                      If you are still thinking about this, try thinking about the Bosch 1590. Really a great piece of work. I've had no trouble, it sounds and feels good and for my work, it has plenty of power. The other comments about Bosch blades are right on. Even a Craftsman saw would work pretty well with those blades.


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                        Thanks For The Good Advice

                        Thanks to all that chimed in with your thoughts. They all generally helped (or added to my uncertainity) on selecting a new jig saw. I'm going with the Freud on a price / recommendation basis. Internet purchase from Rockler, with a special that cut the shipping cost to less than 1/2 the normal. The saw should arrive next Tuesday.

                        The Bosch saws were calling to me, but they do cost a good bit more for a saw I use infrequently.

                        The recommendations on Bosch jig saw blades are ones that should be passed on to all that use jig saws. They even made my Black & Decker cut well.


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                          amazon has the bosch 1590evsk for $134 delivered.


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                            no blades included, but i prefer the bosch progressor, since i pretty much cut wood with the jig.

                            i picked up a 5 pack from amazon 2 days ago for about $6 bucks, so you can get those and the saw and it's still a killer deal.

                            i was at a bosch tool event yesterday, and my buddy wanted to get the same jigsaw, and they offered him an "instant" rebate for a total of $169 plus 5 free blades. basically all of the bosch tools were close to full retail, and the only selling point was a free blade with purchase, etc. i told my friend to get it on amazon, and the rep said "that's what i would do"

                            i still like my ridgid (made in germany by metabo) jigsaw with the progressor blades....just as good as the 1590evsk. i got a killer deal on that, at just under 100 bucks.


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                              An Update on My Jigsaw Purchase

                              I recieved my new Freud jigsaw yesterday. Today I tried some test cuts, nothing really taxing, just 3/4 pine (I used a couple different Bosch blades). I'm really quite happy with the improvement over my B&D jigsaw.

                              What is better? Much lower vibration level, soft start also makes lining up a cut and starting the cut easier. A lot of power (I'd say approximately equal to the Bosch saws, 6 amps). The saw is better balanced and the handle isn't as high, therefore accurately guiding the cut easier. The blade guide appears to hold the blade in alignment better (remember though these were easy cuts). It is fairly quiet, noise protection is perhaps not needed (I'll never know, I wear the muffs anyway).

                              Negatives - The vacuum attachment is a non-standard size (slightly less than 1-3/8 ID, about 34 mm). Inserting a blade takes a bit of effort (although operator training may solve this problem ). The manual is a bit sketchy (e.g. it only describes blades as being "Bosch type", also calling them T type would have helped). It has a hardcase (I prefer soft bags, personal preference), without good provisions for holding the few lose pieces and some blades.

                              I'm sure its not as good as the Bosch saws, but then it was 30% to 40% less.

                              I'm quite happy with Freud saw and I want to again thank all of you that provided input to me.