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buying a jointer

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  • buying a jointer

    I have been taking some cabinet making classes and really enjoy woodworking. I am developing new skills and am outgrowing my tool collection. I feel I am getting close to adding a jointer to my shop.

    The 6" floor models are considerably cheaper than the 8" models. Can anyone offer experience here? The 6" suits my needs now, but is the extra money worth it for the 8" floor model?

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    buying a jointer

    i have been doing various projects from 7ft entertainment centers to small jewlery boxes for christmas presents. and haven't needed anything other than my 6in jointer yet. but it really depends on your needs I buy all my lumber straight from a mill and use my planer for the larger surfaces that need to be ran across. So if you get you lumber already planed etc. then a jointer is a great addition. But if you want to cut your material cost even more you could consider getting a nice planer and doing your jointery on you tablesaw which does a good job with ther right blade. just my 2 cents. hope it helped you alittle.


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      If you've got the $, the space, and the electrical requirements for the 8", then yes, it's worth it. Many, many wwers transition from 6" to 8"'s cheaper and more convenient to do it in the first place if you can, but many of us can't. Inversely, you'll find very few people who go from an 8" to a 6". My shop isn't big enough to hold an 8", so I get by with a very capable 6" Grizzly.

      Alot of rough lumber falls between 6" and 8". The 8" will give you extra width, plus extra length for long boards, more power, and more mass.

      Sunhill is currently offering their 6" machine with 56" beds for $395 plus $89 s/h...nice deal IMO on a proven design with extra long beds. Their 8" will be closer to $750 delivered.

      Jet is offering their 6" for $399 right now.....nice closed base, pretty much the same machine as my Griz and the Sunhill but with 47" beds. The Ridgid is a capable jointer too, but the splayed legs make it harder to put on a mobile base., and it's a tad lower and shorter than the others if that matters.

      Just about all of the major names have good's really hard to go wrong with any of them.