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    Here's an alternative to the traditional mobile base. This looks like something I would have thought of (but unfortunately its not), so I of course consider it a great idea :-)

    One of the few negatives (aside from the price) I see right off is the pad increases the height of the tool that rests on it and that the pad also is about 3/4" thick, so there is a slight bump or trip hazard created or uneven floor height right where you will be standing when operating a tool most of the time. It might be possible to eliminate this since the pad can be trimmed to fit your tool.

    If this design could handle rougher floor surfaces it might be handy on the job for moving heavy loads. But usually there is so much crud lying around it would be difficult to find a clear path to operate it. Still I could see the design working for moving equipment within a room like when assembling large switchgear panels.

    Where I work (nuclear facility) the floors in many areas are finished smooth with epoxy coatings so the Hoverpad would work great. We need to have clean floors and damage to the floor coatings is serious stuff and to be avoided at all costs. To be able to float a heavy load over the floor as opposed to rolling it would eliminate many problems.
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    interesting. since it can be cut down, it must have a much smaller air bladder than the original size. looks almost like those teflon based discs that you put under appliances and furniture to help move.

    can you imagine using one of these on a frozen lake with a sail powered car/sled almost like a wind surfer.

    phoebe it is