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count down till TTI goes down the tubes?

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  • count down till TTI goes down the tubes?

    Possibly the worst thing that could happen to this brand. If you look at the ground that ridgid / ryobi have gained in such a short amount of time you really don't see how this is even close to being a good thing.

    At least this guy will throw a ton of money at promotions and we will be able to take advantage of it while it lasts.

    He will either drive it into the ground or burn tons of money trying.

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    I think this is Excellent News!

    Dude this is the "Man" who made the DeWalt Huge!
    This guy will have DeWalt on the run. There are stories he is still peeved that he was not made CEO of Black and Decker. Who do you think he will put the bullsye on taking more of there market share. His experience in excellent. Here is a link.

    "Previous to, Galli had a highly successful 19-year career with
    Black & Decker. Galli moved up through the sales and marketing system at
    Black & Decker and became President of Black & Decker North America Power
    Tools Group at age 35. In 1995, he became President of Black & Decker
    Worldwide Power Tools Business. Galli is credited with developing and
    launching the DeWalt brand of industrial power tools. Additionally, Galli is
    credited with re-engineering Black & Decker's European, Asian and Latin
    American operations. At Black & Decker, Galli was recognized as a
    motivational leader who built a highly energized sales and marketing machine
    renowned throughout the industry."
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