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Variable speed gone in 18V drill

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  • Variable speed gone in 18V drill

    Hi Guys,

    I was using my 18V cordless drill yesterday hanging a few pieces of sheetrock and all of a sudden, the variable speed went. It now goes from 0 to full speed with the slightest pull of the trigger.

    What could have happened? and do you have any suggestions? I don't think I ever sent in the registration card (I never seem to get to it, then it's lost). Are these things under a lifetime warrantee? It's only about a year old.

    Any suggestions?

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    No lifetime until you register but it is covered by the 3 year. You need a new electronic switch, time for service


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      You need a new switch, generally in my experiance the registration is a non issue, the serial number will be checked if it is pre 03 it will generally be under lifetime wtty if you say it is. after that it is a 3 year wtty.


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        This is common with all power tools with variable speed triggers. The more you use the variable speed function the more you shorten its life. It will eventually burn out. You should use the variable speed the minimum necessary. I believe Ridgid has actually been updating their manuals to comment on this. At least the Drywall screwdriver has it in the instructions already. If you're hanging small amounts of drywall you would probably better off getting one of those nosepieces with depth adjustment and running the drill full speed like a drywall screwdriver.