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New OF45150 twin stack compressor

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  • New OF45150 twin stack compressor

    Hello I've just got a new OF45150 twin stack compressor. Here's my setup: shop is a detached garage/shed. Power to the detached shop is wired from the house on a shared breaker from the house. The power is by means of about 75 feet of Romax electrical wire (in essence an extension cord). I'm not certain of the gauge, but it is the pretty standard stuff that home's are wired with on the inside. When I first lite off the compressor, it runs just fine, although it does make the fluorescents in the shop flicker on and off while it runs. After it's up to operating pressure and ready to roll, here is what happens: about 70% of the time when it drops to cut-in pressure, the thing fires right up no sweat. The remaining 30% of the time, it tries at first to lite off, then seems to become bogged, and just hums. Failure to shut it off quickly enough results in a tripped breaker. Once this happens, the only way to get it running again is to completely bleed off all pressure in the tank. Here's the question, is it more likely that I simply don't have enough power to run this guy, or may there be something wrong with the compressor itself (e. g. faulty unloader valve or something like that)? P. S. I rent, so modifications to the house's wiring might be possible, but are most likely not possible. Also, one last thing, I have determined all other things that are shared on the breaker in question, and none are on while using compressor.

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    Sounds to me like you need a thicker gauge of wire running from the house to the shop. I've experienced the same difficulties with my Campbell Hausfeld compressor when I've tried to use it with a 16ga extension cord. Don't have that problem when I use a 12ga extension cord.
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      I would make sure your check vavle is not sticking this acounts for blown breakers on restart when a compressor is under pressure most of the time.