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    hi everyone. i finally got off the fence and decided to start my own plumbing and heating company.but now i,m right back on the fence as to what threader to buy and here,s why. the sales rep at the local Emco says that the NEW ridgid 690 power drive is all i will need for new home construction since there are only 6 or 8 or 10 threads per house,,and at a cost of a bit more than half [with all accesories]of a new model 300 complete[$4200 plus tax] it sounds good to me.then the same day ,i was chatting with another plumber who said the ridgid rep told him outright that the 690 was only good for small jobs and i figure i,ll do 2 or 3 houses a month and furnace/ water heater change overs added to the mix. any feedback on this tool would be helpfull and if anyone owns the #700 power drive you opinion of that tool will be helpfull as i was looking at it also .thankyou

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    welcome to the ridgid forum

    a better section to post this question is in the plumbing forum

    needless to say i found it so here is my 5 cents.

    a model 690 is the newer #700. these are good for a service plumber that needs to thread a few pipes for repairs or a new gas main. doing a whole house or a few homes makes no sence in the long run. the time it will take you to cut the pipe, ream and then secure it in the vice is too much. if you're doing new construction, i would go with the 300 or better.

    keep in mind i own 2- 600, 2- 700, 1- 300, 1-1210 oiless and a collins 22a. not to mention a bunch of 12-r and 11r and 00 dies

    if i'm working with scotch, fletcher coat pipe, i prefer the bench type machines. this way you don't need to burn off the coating.

    i believe that the 300 will be your best investment. i also believe that you will end up with the 690, 700 1 day. but with the work your taking on, a 300 would be my first choice

    hope to see your input in the forums

    phoebe it is