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Tool show in the Greater NYC area

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  • Tool show in the Greater NYC area

    I went to the AW Meyer, in Ridgefield New Jersey, today for their annual Ok-Tool-Berfest. Pretty cool event, and everybody was there (obviously not Ridgid):

    Bosch, Metabo, Dewalt, PC, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Makita, etc.

    One tool I became enamored with was the PC 4 1/2 trim saw. It looks like a little circular saw.

    As for handtools, the Crescent Rapid Slide adjustable wrench is so cool

    they make a ratchet with the similar technology. It makes adjusting a snap, and the torque increases as you wrench a bolt, etc.

    Also like the Kreg pocket hole jig, and almost pulled the trigger on that.

    All in all, I was tempted to buy several items, but the prices at these events don't even come close to Amazon, or HD Lowes for that matter.

    The only great deal I saw was a corded Bosch 9amp recip saw, with a nice Bosch extension cord, and bag for $59. I have a cordless one so I didn't pick one up, although I should've for that price. If anybody needs a sawzall and lives near NYC/NJ, you should swing by and pick one up.

    But, this is the last tool show/demo I go to, because the pricing sucks.....nothing special.

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    I was there yesterday too. Got a good deal on a Bosch 1587avs Jigsaw $119., plus the rep gave me a bunch of free blades.

    There are some good deals, but you really need to know your prices. I was there looking for specific tools and had prices for the differenet makes and models. I also had a coupon from AW Meyer for $25 off purchases of $150+.


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      Mr Z,

      good strategy to go to tool shows with some price background.

      everything i'm in the market for, is significantly cheaper on Amazon. The PC 557 plate jointer is $165 delivered from Amazon, compared at $219 at the show. Similar situation with a router i want.

      As for your jigsaw, that's a pretty good price, but after tax, for $7 and change more, you could get the 1590evsk from Amazon right now for $134. But you had the coupon, so nice get.

      How did you get the coupon BTW?
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        Originally posted by CheekyMonkeyWrench
        How did you get the coupon BTW?
        They sent it to me. That is actually how I found out about the show. I have passed that place a bunch of times and always thought it was just a small tool/hardware store. It's pretty big inside.

        I buy lots of stuff through Amazon too. Can't beat no tax and free shipping. Just picked up the Forrest WWII for $89.99 last week.