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  • Router for Table?

    I plan to build a router table this Fall/Winter and was wondering what models would you all recomend for table use? I was thinking of the Hitachi M12v, but it looks like that model has been discontinued. Any suggestions?


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    There are an awful lot of great routers out there that can be used in a table mounted setting that I would hate to suggest just one. I had a similar question awhile back concerning motor size for a table mounted router. The general consensus at that time was that if you're not planning on using larger bits, a router in the 1.75 to 2.25 HP will be all the router you'd need.

    Personally, I'd rather have more power available than I might need for that one time that I would need it. That's why, when I finally get around to replacing my crummy router table and building a new one, I'll be putting in something like the Porter Cable 7518.
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      Since it seems you aren't in a big hurry, go to and sign up for his mailing list. Mark has some great deals at times, like last week the Dewalt 618 3 base kit was $110 after discount and rebate. That's a $594 MSRP, $250 Amazon price. Be aware that you have to be quick and lucky to get the great deals, he usually has very limited quantities, normally 40-50.
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        The most user friendly router I've used in a table is the Freud FT1700. It's 2-1/4hp midsize, but the extensive above table features help offset the lower power compared to a 3hp router. I also have a very good Milwaukee 5625, but unless I'm going to do a large quantity of raised panels with a 3" bit, I prefer to use the features of the FT1700. AFAIK, there's currently a promotion that offers a free plunge base along with the fixed.

        More detail in the review below:


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          Milwaukee 5625-20 fixed base router the way to go!!!!!

          I own the big 5625!!!!Gobs of power!!!!!Chip sheild for table use!!!!Can change most bits w/o removing motor from base. Wood magazine's top router for table use!!!
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            I seen an ad in a magazine that said freud was comingout with a new 3hp router with all the amazing features of the FT1700.


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              Here is a very thorough eview of routers compiled from different sites ...


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                Thanks for the link, that is a pretty cool website with all the reviews consolidated together, very convenient.


                If your budget will allow it, go for the big dog Milwaukee, it continually ranks as the best for a dedicated table router. The last couple of years has had it discounted for under $200 on black Friday.



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                  For what it's worth, I second the Milwaukee 5625. You'll never regret buying a tool with too much power, and when you need it, you'll be glad it's there. The height adjustments are increadibly accurate (1/128" - It's marked in 1/64" increments, but it's really easy to set in the middle of two 64th marks). While it is large, I've not found it to be very unweidly at all out of the table.


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                    Black Friday?


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                      Originally posted by Dana G.
                      Black Friday?
                      Day following Thanksgiving


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                        Black Friday!!!!

                        Black friday is the Friday after thanksgiving that retailers kick off the xmas shopping season w/ alot of great deals that have customers lining up outside the store. Deals to be had if you are willing to shop early and deal w/ crowds-of course ordering a online special you will not have to deal w/ crowds but order early as some stck may sell fast. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!
                        You can never have enough drills-too many is just enough!!!!!


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                          Originally posted by Dana G. View Post
                          I was thinking of the Hitachi M12v,... Any suggestions?

                          GET IT!

                          You have to get the funny looking one for a few dollars more, but it's still there.


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                            Second the Hitachi.

                            Get the M12V NOT the M12 VC. The VC is a blinged out cheapy.

                            I have one (M12V) and the 12Lbs of beef is really not a bother..makes for more control IMHO.

                            Seriously nice machine, should last practically forever. Smooth!!!

                            Be careful to not lose any of the little parts if you get it and when you unbox it. The Spring for my plunge fine adjuster got misplaced and quite frankly, I have not been able to find one like it..or close. Hitachi does not actually list THAT spring in the parts line-up or the exploded view.
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                              Short term bargain alert!

                              FWIW, I just read a Black Friday special from Heavy Duty Tools for a Milwaukee 5625 for $190! Killer deal on a highly recommended table router with some above table features.

                              5625-20 $190 using discount code 5625 - 3-1/2 hp router