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    I just got anew 2611, It works like a charm on soft wood. I tried it this morning on white oak it doesn't seem to do much at any setting. I cleaned the dust bag and the unit sanded for about a hour then checked the bag it has about a teaspoonful of sawdust in it. Any suggestions or advise is appreciated.
    Thanks, Barry

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    Sorry I didn't put that in my post I'v used 80 grit 120 grit and 220 not much difference.


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      with new 80 grit paper, large orbit setting and high speed you should sand a 6" hole in 3/4 oak in less than an hour. Try Klingspor or Norton 3X.
      Does the pad rotate and vibrate or just vibrate?


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        Originally posted by wbrooks
        with new 80 grit paper, large orbit setting and high speed you should sand a 6" hole in 3/4 oak in less than an hour.
        Does the pad rotate and vibrate or just vibrate?
        I agree



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          Are you pressing down on it? If so you need stop and let the ROS do the work.
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            OK, let me see if I can give some answers, I'm not pressing down, the paper was new, I blew out the base and the bag to make sure they were'nt plugged up, the 80 grit came with the sander, the100 &120 are Norton.
            just for fun I used my old Crapsman belt sander with used 80 grit it removed alot of material and it ain't much of a machine.
            Thanks for the help, Barry
            PS I really don't want to return this unit.


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              is it orbiting at 1/8" or 1/4"?

              i have the same sander and it is awesome. i sand most wood outdoors, so I can use the solid discs (without the holes). they make a world of difference.

              I've been using Mirka Gold (made in Finland) hook and loop sanding discs.....very impressive.
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                as stated before TRY a different brand of sand paper, some paper is not a very good grit quality, on it and it will round off and not cut, in a short time, It acts much like the sand paper is loaded up, and by loading up means it is full of (usually sap and dust in-between the grit particles), any way it stops cutting.

                and it is possible something is just broke in the sander and it is functing as it should, (not making the orbit as it should)
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                  Agressive Sander

                  Check the orbit switch on sander. Should sand oak well. The Ridgid sander you are asking about was in a comparsion of Rt angle sanders, that I believe Workbench magazine did. That it was in a comparo w/ Rt angle random orbits is a testament to how aggressive Ridgid sander is. Bosch's 3107 is also a agressive sander. I love Klingspor sandpaper!!!!Hope this helps!!!!
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                    Re: R2611 Ros

                    I’ve just gone through four R2611 6” random orbital sanders in a couple of days. Each lasted about 2-3 hrs, w/80 grit sandpaper on some steps I’m redoing. In my opinion the CATASROPHIC part is the time it takes to drive the piece of crap back to Home Depot and exchange it. Give me my money back for my down time.


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                      Re: R2611 Ros

                      The 2611 has been a great sander for me. I've used it to flatten oak and maple with great success. I use either the Norton blue paper, or Mirka gold. The paper that comes with the tool is garbage.