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What Was Your Worst Power Tool You Ever Owned??????

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    Worst tool ever was a Skil tablesaw. 8 months of light use and up in smoke. Trashed it and bought my TS2400 Never regretted buying the 2400, use it daily. Yo OrangeApron, My wife hates B.V. worse than I do. She says he doesn't know anything, just walks around talking to the people that do. LMAO
    info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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      Rockwell circular saw

      Circa 1970's. Bought a bright yellow plastic bodied Rockwell circular saw to replace a trusty old Sears Craftsman that had developed a nasty bearing whine. Was the middle of the summer...working hard on the deck of a new house. After maybe 15 minutes of use, in the middle of a long rip cut, the saw starts pulling to the left...I'm fighting it when I notice the chips seem strangely "brighter." The saw literally melts in my hand and begins to saw through it's own chassis.


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        Black and Decker Jigsaw. I STILL HAVE IT!! (to remind me what not to do).

        Get this folks;

        Bought it new. First shot out of ther box, I am cutting 3/4 inch particleboard (to help the boy with his speaker project). I have had several Jigsaws over the years and picked this one up because I was out of town visiting and it was needed to cut 2 nine inch holes. 1/2 way into the second hole, the trigger was getting mighty warm so I let it rest. I was not pushing it either..letting the teeth do the cutting. After it cooled, it was LOCKED solid. I used a coping saw (rough work there) to finish it and boxed the saw back up. I inadvertantly 'forgot' to take it back to the store that it was purchased from and decided to take it apart and see what caused the problem. The dog on the shaft broke off causing the gears to bind.


        Send it to B/D to get it repaired...Sorry, it was abused and dissassembled, NO WARRANTEE.

        Worst 65 dollars I have spent.

        Black & Decker = BD = "Bad deal"


        Skil Circular saw. Side play with the main shaft (lots) after a few cuts. Send back for repair. Repair good. 20 or so cuts later, side play. Not just a little..I am talking blade binding side play with cuts more than 2 inches.


        Say NO to cheap tools.


        Cheap drill bits. Not worth the powder it would take to blow them up.

        About 10 years ago..I went premium with the tools. This is the first time I have really looked back at the memories.

        I will admit that the cheaper harbor freight 18 volt power drills are really a great deal for the home hobbiest. Pros know what to really buy to get the job done.
        When in doubt, unplug the saw.