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6 1/2" cordless circ saws - blade speed

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  • 6 1/2" cordless circ saws - blade speed

    Hi guys. I recently bought the Ridgid 18V cordless circ saw R8451. I've never used a cordless circ before so maybe this is just something new for me, but the RPM's seem very low. Lotsa tearout - just wish it would spin faster.

    Is the low RPM'S (compared to a corded) a normal thing? I'm using the Ridgid thin kerf blade that it came with - is there another blade that comes highly recommended?

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    It does spin much slower than a corded saw but I do not have much tearout. I use the Freud D0624A, keep in mind that this is a rough work tool and not meant for fine cuts especially in veneered sheet goods


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      In order to recommend a good blade we will need to know what type of wood are you sawing? By that I mean, construction lumber, plywood, hardwoods, melamine, etc.

      You can make your own judgement but your R8451 will spin at a no-load speed of 2500 RPM's on a fully charged battery and immediately go downhill as the battery looses charge. The corded circular saw that I own will spin at a no-load speed of 5800 RPM's all day long.

      Most of the time there are some things that have to be sacrificed for the sake of convenience. Unfortunately, where cordless saws are concerned, power happens to be one of those sacrifices. Of course, that is just my opinion.
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        I think the really slow speed on the ridgid is due to them reducing the gearing significantly to keep it from binding. Its the tradeoff for a cordless tool. I have the Dewalt 18v circ saw which spins at a faster 3700 no load rpm so it actually gives a pretty good cut but you've gotta be careful to guide it straight or it will bind.


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          Ok guys good to know. Thank you. I thought I might have a problem.

          Just ripping some kerfs through a treated 4x4 to notch it. Not a big deal finish wise but I was surprised how slow.

          Got it for $40 new from an Ebayer. For that price I don't have much room to complain.
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