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    Which jobsite radio i.e. Milwaukee, Bosch, DeWalt has the best sound quality and the most power.

    I purchased a Bosch powerbox yesterday and while it sounds decent and has some nice extra features, I think I may return it and get the Milwaukee. The Bosch costs nearly twice as much and by many accounts the Milwaukee may be more powerful and sound better.

    All I really care about is the power and sound quality.

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    i have a dewalt and it's ok
    I'm not looking to to have something that's like I'm in a concert, tis just to have some backround sound .

    i have heard the Milwaukee and it sounds nice

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      I had the bosch... Piece of crap broke in less than a year. now I own the red one and I like it a lot... In fact I like it so much I dont know if I will buy Ridgids when it comes out.
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        The Milwaukee Radio just dropped in price again on Amazon. It's now $62.96 after the 10% off. By far the best price anywhere on this great radio.

        Also, if you buy a Milwaukee 0627-24 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Kit, you get the radio for free. It comes out to $212.99.


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          Milwaukee's sound by Rockford Fosgate. Best sound of all the radios. I love it and I am a audiophile!!!!!!
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            new radio

            makita has came out with a new radio!!!
            sorry, no 7.2v



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              Originally posted by Akita View Post
              Milwaukee's sound by Rockford Fosgate. Best sound of all the radios. I love it and I am a audiophile!!!!!!
              Have you ever "A/B'ed" it with the improved Bosch?


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                I've heard the Bosch, DeWalt, and the older (Not the new one) Milwaukee job site radio, and the Milwaukee blew them all away. The Milwaukee actually has a bit more bass and consequently a much more well rounded off sound. And like the link says, the new Milwaukee radio has much more power so it should be even better I would imagine.


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                  I have the later Bosch and it is awesome...


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                    Milwaukee Jobsite Radio


                    It says "reconditioned" but most really haven't been used. Check price and shipping. Great deal here. This is the older version so if you don't mind some extra $ you might want to look for the new model. It is better but you got to pay more.