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    Would you buy your Ridgid 12" SCMS again?

    The reason I ask is I am able to get a sweet deal on one if I hold out another month. I know I will use it, it is more saw than I will ever need though, but since when is that a bad thing right? Ive looked one over carefully and the blade depth stop leaves a little to be desired for me, but I wont be using that part much anyway so I can deal with it

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    just out of curiosity, what is the deal?

    And as far as that being more saw than you'll need, it has a lifetime service deal, so chances are you will stretch the limits of that saw sometime or another. It took me about 2weeks to realize I was fortunate to have a 12" CSMS, as I approached its limits.


    You would be suprised how compact the Makita 12" CSMS is. The underside slider system is brilliant IMO. When it's tucked away you would think it's a 10".
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      I have a bosch 10" CSMS and I find it perfect. Came with a 60 tooth carbide blade and cuts up to 12" - more than enough for flooring, case construction, X-large mouldings, jointed table tops, etc. Save the extra couple hundred bucks and get the 10" model.


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        I was thinking of the Makita 10" ust because Im cheap and can cut down on my blade purchases. The price of this Ridgid though will be less than the Makita 10.

        Im pretty much convinced, I just was looking for any problems with the saw. I hadnt known that Ridgids bandsaw was as bad as Ive heard until I read about it here, or that wouldve been on my wish list also


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          I would buy my Ridgid 12" CSMS again. Sweet machine that's not a PIA to true up. I used it to cut all the crown, base and trim in the house. Make sure you move the sliding fence portions out of the way when cutting those compound miters. One of mine is missing a 1/4" of the tip because I didn't pay attention.

          I wish they would reduce the price of the Ridgid MSUV (miter saw utility vehicle) to $99 again. That was a great price that I missed. At the current price of $179, I don't know that it's worth it.


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            I'm going to play devil's advocate here.

            A Bosch 12" CSMS is $70 more than the 10" version

            and a 12" Forrest Chopmaster blade is $9 more than the 10" version.

            buy what size you think you need, but the minimal price difference shouldn't influence your decision.


            The MSUV is $149 in the stores now, as opposed to the website price of $179. It's not worth the $179 price. I like mine, but it's worth $99-$129 IMO.
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              Well I only have the Ridgid 10" CMS but when I needed a slider I opted for the Makita 10" 1013FL. The Ridgid to me was far too big and heavy I didn't need a 12" saw. I suppose that can be an advantage to some but not what I'm looking for. Even the Makita 12" is quite portable. Its also convinient to be able to share blades with the TS. After reading all the reviews I came to the conclusion the makita was really the best model to get. It is superbly accurate and reasonably portable. I think it also has one of the sturdiest and most accurate rail system of any slider. To top it off it comes with a true fully adjustable (even though not all the adjustments are documented) laser that actually works as good as eyeballing the cut with the blade! No more in-X-act line that needs to have the blade spinning for it to work.


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                Thanks for the info on the instore price. I agree with you on the value of the MSUV. I haven't been to HD in quite a few months as I've been paying down the card. I had some crazy remodeling months.


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                  Oh, almost forgot to mention. While on the subject of blades. The Makita sliders come with a REALLY nice 70 tooth thin kerf, 5 degree hook, fine finish blade. It's also the quietest blade I've ever heard. I've compared it to the my other Freud LU85R010 80t full kerk and T806 80t thin kerf blades. The cut quality is on par and in some cases even better than the Freud high end blades. Basically you won't have to chuck the factory blade which is usually garbage. I don't know about the Ridgid sliders stock blades but the stocks on my ridgid 10" CMS and TS2400 were pretty average at best. I'm guessing the slider aint much different. That is a cost that has to be added later to any saw you get. If you don't have to change the stock blade you might be better of paying the higher initial price for the Makita rather than buying a cheaper saw and probably having to replace the blade.


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                    I can vouch for the 12" Makita slider stock's awesome. I lucked out and mailed in a rebate for a 2nd one. Super quiet, and a beautiful clean cut.

                    From what I've read, Bosch and Makita stock blades are highly regarded, every other brand seems to need immediate replacement (kind of like my TS2400)


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                      I know about stock blades, my Sears table saw came with a steel blade. That went right into the trash. I worked for Sears awhile back and every time the saw I have went on sale they listed it in the ad with a carbide blade, so I always pointed that out to customers and gave them a carbide blade. Of course they werent the best blades, but I still believe any carbide blade is better than a steel blade.


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                        abbreviation help!

                        ok, a MSUV is a "miter-saw utility vehicle" which is a cart with wheels for the miter saw a cheeky name!

                        BUT... what is SCMS and CMS????

                        I know MS is "miter-saw"

                        Is there a place here with the explanation of typically used abbreviations?

                        Cactus Man


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                          what is SCMS and CMS????

                          Sliding compound miter saw and compound miter saw

                          Took me a while to figure em out too, and I had a csms