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NiCad and Lithium Batteries

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  • NiCad and Lithium Batteries

    Are the 18v NiCad and Lithium Batteries interchangable in the older (NiCad version) Ridgid 18v tools and chargers? If so, does anyone know if the NiCads will become unavailable?

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    from what ive heard, you can use a nicad 18v in a 24v li powertool but you wont be able to use a li battery in a ridgid ni cad powertool, which i think totally sucks.They are going to force us to buy the lithium powertool if you want the benefits of a lithium battery.With this market strategy, the nicad batteries will always be available for the people with the old nicad version tools.


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      To the best of my knowledge, they are not interchangeable. I attempted to get a 24v Li battery onto an 18v nicad drill at HD. It would not seat properly. The 18v nicad battery would, however, seat properly on the 24v Li drill. Also, in a converation with Ridgid tech suport, they again mentioned that the Max Select line of Ridgid tools would accept 18v nicad and 18v Li and 24v Li. BTW, has anyone ever come across an 18v Li Ridgid anything? 18v Li is mentioned as a battery which is compatible with the Max Select line of power tools, but I've never seen any other reference to 18v Li from Ridgid.
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        You can run an 18v battery in the 24v tool, it will just have less power, but not a 24v battery in a tool designed for 18v. Unless you don't mind sssss burning it out. I don't know if 18v Lith-ion batteries will be retrofittable to older 18v tools. There should be not reason for them not to work but they might just prefer you buy a whole new tool.


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          I was about the buy the Max version of the 18v/24v hand planer (no battery or charger in the kit) for $119. But was able to get the older 18v NiCad with batter and charger for $79. The HD associate was the one who stated that the 18v NiCad and Lithium Ion batteries could be used interchangably in the tools and chargers. Since she did not seem to have a good handle on the details I asked the question on the forum.

          Obviously it would be good if the 18v LI batteries worked in the 18v NC tools and chargers, because replacing a full set of cordless tools is not in my budget.



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            I am not sure about the Ridgid tools, however I do know for a fact that the new LI-Ion Milwaukee batteries will fit on any of Milwaukee's older 18 volt Nicad tools. Note: Voltage is voltage. It does not matter how it was produced. It will usually be ok if you run a lower voltage battery on a higher rated tool, but not the other way around or like was said earlier, you will smoke the motor. Exception do exsist, depending on how close the voltage is. I have ran 12 volt drills with 14.4 volt batteries with no problems, and was told it is ok by the service tech.
            Note: The Milwaukee 18 volt Li-Ion batteries are actually 20 volts. Good quality motors can handle these smaller differences (2-3 volts) but not going from 18 to 24 volts (6 volt difference).
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