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  • Batt on charger

    Does it hurt to leave a batt on the charger overnight or over the weekend?

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    What does your owners manual say?
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      The manual says ....

      When the batteries become fully charged, unplug your

      charger from power supply and remove the battery pack.

      I have yet to unplug my charger and I have left batteries in overnight occasionally if I am heading in for the night and forget to go back out and remove the battery. I don't think it will harm the battery any but the noise of the fan drives me nuts so my batteries usually come out as soon as they are charged. I have a dewalt and a makita battery that never leaves the charger until the on in the drill dies, with the use they see that is usually measured in weeks and sometimes even months

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        Depends on the charger, Jess. Most stock chargers are 'dumb'. 'Smart' chargers are available. These charge like their dumb siblings, but when the battery is charged, they go to 'maintenance mode', and just keep a trickle charge on the battery.
        With dumb chargers if the battery is left on for an extended time, the battery 'can' be damaged, according to the manufs.
        Most smart chargers also check the battery and alert if it sees something wrong.
        Having said all this, I have left batteries in the stock charger for extended periods and haven't had a problem 'yet'. If I was a charger I'd be of the dumb variety! Which is why I got a smart charger

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          I believe that the Ridgid chargers switch off when the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging and damage. There have been times when I have forgotten to remove the battery without damage, but would normally advise removing in case the shut off fails to operate.



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            Yeah definately check with the manual for every single model charger you may ever use. Last thing you want is a burnt out battery pack. My charger claims leaving them on the charger will actually keep the batteries better conditioned than leaving them off.