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TS3650 Adjustment Question

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  • TS3650 Adjustment Question

    I just finished setting up my new saw. The Blade and the belt seem to be in proper alignment and parallel to the table, but the fence rail measurement is large on the right rip by 3/16". The blade also is off center in it's slot by about the same amount. Do I need to adjust the blade which would also force me to move the motor along with it to keep the belt aligned or can I just slide the rails over so they measure properly? Right now the blade is fully functional at all height and bevel settings, but If I am going to have move the blade to cut a dado then I want to do it now.


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    In your owners manual there is a procedure to follow for setting up the rail system. I assume that the 3650 is similar to my 3612 in that you align the 7-1/8" mark on the right hand tape measure with the right edge of the saws table top. In my manual the directions are on page 30.
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      On my 3650, the alignment is the 7 1/8'" mark even with the right edge of the table top. You may notice that there is are adjustments for the indicator lines on the fence also,(the little clear plastic piece with the line on it and one screw through it. The screw goes thru a slot so it can be adjusted side-to-side. There is one for each the right and left side of the fence) that may have to be tweaked. I think mine was out about the same as yours, but I use an auxiliary fence, and have not adjusted the rail to take into account the 3/4" added width of the aux fence. I was able to align the indicator on the fence to get it exactly right before I put on the added fence board. You can move the front rail slightly if you want to get it the right indicator exactly centered but it will throw the left side indicator out some if you put the fence on the left, so that indicator will need adjustment.
      The blade does not center in the insert hole. It should be about 1/8" from the left side of the hole in the factory insert, which gives enough clearance to tilt the blade to a full 45 degrees and allows for full kerf and wider blades (not dado stacks or molding heads, tho) As long as you can fully tilt the blade and it does not hit the insert, you are okay.
      In summary: what you describe is normal and only requires adjusting the alignment mark on the fence.

      Hope this helps

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        Thanks for the quick replies. I should have mentioned that I had followed the procedure for setting the rails with the 7 1/8" lined up on the right edge of the table. But I had done nothing further because I didn't want to go throught the trouble of fine tuning the fence/rail system if I was going to have to move the blade and motor.

        I am very glad to hear I can just work on the indicator, though.

        Thanks again for your advice.