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Ridgid Auger/Self Feed bits?

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  • Ridgid Auger/Self Feed bits?

    Saw these at Home Depot the other night. They look more like an "unserviceable" self feed bit (unserviceable meaning you can't remove the pilot bit to replace it with a new one) with a bit different of a cutting body, sort of like a cross in the cutting body of between a spade bit and a self feed bit. The thing that hit me was if they would perform like a self feed bit, and also the price - they are like a 1/6 of the cost of a self feed bit. Considering most self feed bits, the ones I use anyways, rarely seem to make it to the point where I can change the pilot because the cutting body of the bit is thrashed from hitting the odd nail drilling through plates and such, thesse might make a more reasonable compromise.

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    Ridgid Auger/Self Feed Bits

    I have a set and think they are great. Vast improvement over spades and more compact than big augers.


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      I just read a quick review of them in one of the magazines, they stated they worked great, left less tear out on the exit side but were designed primarily for softwood (i.e. construction lumber).