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TS3650 belt length + linK Belt???

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  • TS3650 belt length + linK Belt???


    I looked quick in the TS3650 manua,l but couldn't find the belt length. Would someone know this?
    The reason for this is, I would like to change to a link belt system or twist link or power twist belt system whatever its called to reduce the vibration.
    Also is the one these products that has better results than another?

    I like in Canada and I was wondering if there where dealers of these products here, if not I could maybe use EBay.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated,


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    Link belts will not work on the 3650. The 3650 uses a serpentine belt that actually reduces vibrations better than link belts do. If you're set on using link belts you'll have to replace the stock pulleys and well as the stock belt.
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      I have a 3650 and have no vibration problems. Maybe something else needs tightening or adjusting. You do want to ensure the feet are fully on the floor supporting the saw's weight when you drop the herc-u-lift. If you are perceiving noise or whine as a problem, a thin kerf blade will "sing" more, but can be quieted with a stabilizer disk, or by replacing with a good quality of full kerf blade. Note that a stabilizer disc will limit the depth of cut.


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        You'd have to change the pulleys to add a link belt, and I doubt you'll gain anything. The serpentine belt should have lower vibration than most v-belts and should come close to that of a link belt. The serpentine belt is more aerodynamic and quieter too. Something else is likely the cause of vibration.